Player Profile Series: Travis Frederick

The player profile series is about looking into the future with players on the Cowboys roster.

The player must have 3 things going for them in order to be listed.
1. Having been with the Cowboys for 3 year's or less.
2. Must have been, or projected to be a starter for the Cowboys.
3. Must have an upside to them.

Travis Fredrick

College: Wisconsin

Position: C #72

Who is he? Fredrick is the starting center for the Cowboys. There was some concern regarding the rookie center Travis Frederick's selection in the first round. Fredrick is versatile and was getting time at Guard and Center during OTA's last year. Fredrick played so well Dallas kept him at center. Frederick's ability to make the line calls proved the Cowboys had a smart and physical presence in the interior of the line. This aspect of his game (signal calling) was a deficiency Dallas had in 2012. It's the reason it took so long to call plays and often times end up with delay of game penalties. As the season played out no one questioned the move Dallas made to pick him late in the first round when many scouts had Fredrick as low as a 3rd ground draft grade.

What is expected from him in 2014? As well as anchoring the line Fredrick is expected to get better at protection. Some of the better pass rushers got to Fredrick as they did a lot of offensive linemen. As Fredrick gets more time he will get better. In a year or two Fredrick should be a rock in the middle of the field just as Tyron Smith is on the left side.
What he needs to work on? Pass protection. 

Fredrick isn't horrible at pass protection nor is he great. Until Fredrick is a seasoned veteran there will be things he will need to work on. In his first off season protecting Romo will be one of them. Fredrick gave up 3.5 sacks this season. Being as Romo is having his injuries pile up, keeping him upright is everyone's job and if starts with Fredrick. 

What can this player be in the future? This offensive line goes as Fredrick goes. This was proof as Demarco Murray had his first 1,000 yard season and a trip to the pro bowl.  And Fredrick was named to the 2013 all rookie team. 

He also played on every snap on offense and only committed 3 penalties these things are what Dallas is hoping Fredrick can continue to do. 

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