One superficial reason why Ware was always a player I could count on

It was about noon when I personally found out that DeMarcus Ware was going to be released. It was only a matter of time until it was official. Sometime around 2ish the female inside me thought "Fuck, what am I going to wear".

I was thinking of September, on the first regular season game of the 2014 football season. Come June 1st Miles Austin (the last jersey I purchased) will be released. Then my closet will be empty of any present Cowboys player uniforms. As I look at the sea of fallen Cowboys in my closet. I see Austin, Owens, Barber, Roy Williams (the safety) Felix and Julius Jones. Then I come to the only player I could really count on...DeMarcus Ware.

It's not the late 90's when jerseys cost 250 a pop. I mean they still offer them but no one pays that much for them anymore. Still buying a jersey is a bit tricky for me. I don't want to buy a free agent that will be here one year. (Brian Waters). I also don't buy into purchasing rookies jerseys (Dez Bryant). In fact other than Bryant, who would you buy? I love T Fred, but I'm not really gonna be walking around with a #71 on nor 77 sorry Tyron. Where's the stability? I buy my jerseys for players that are going to be on the team I love for the long haul. I wear my jersey on, who I think, or want, to have a big game. I couldn't have worn a Sean Lee jersey after our bye week last year. I couldn't wear a DeMarco Murray jersey several times in 2012 had I had one. So who would I turn to? It's a little to late to buy a Jason Witten jersey. As much as we love Witten but I will be twitting this same news about him in 2 years or so(unless he retires), That's the NFL. There would not even be a point in buying a Morris Claiborne jersey. As I look at shop that's it. There are no other options. I know a site where I can buy any player I want but I'm thinking mainstream sites that the average person knows of. So it leads me to my jersey I could ALWAYS count on.

ol 94, yes it has battle scars but I wore it week in and week out (when Austin was hurt), there was never a week until this season where I couldn't even consider wearing it. As I said today on twitter "This may not be as bad as the Irvin injury in Philly, Not as much as a franchise shock when Emmitt when to Arizona. But Dallas fans this is truly a sad day in Cowboys history." Speaking of Irvin, I may as well Re-join the 88 club again and go with DezAtron!
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