Player Profile Series: Terrance Williams

The player profile series is about looking into the future with players on the Cowboys roster.
The player must have 3 things going for them in order to be listed.

1. Having been with the Cowboys for 3 year's or less.
2. Must have been, or projected to be a starter for the Cowboys.
3. Must have an upside to them.

Terrance Williams

College: Baylor

Position: Wide Receiver #83

Who is he? Williams is the Cowboy's 3rd round draft pick from 2013. Williams exceeded most fan expectation of a rookie and made the league take notice with his string of touchdowns during prime-time games against Denver, Philly, Washington and Detroit. This set a Cowboys record of 4 games with a receiving touchdown. This record was formerly held by one Dez Bryant.

What is expected from him in 2014? As Williams gets more familiar with this offense and his quarterback, Williams will be expected to take the number 2 wide receiver spot. Even if Miles Austin is still with Dallas in 2014. Williams is not far from permanently taking the 2nd wide receiver spot. His 44 catches and 736 yards put him behind Bob Hayes and Dez Bryant. With the third most catches among Cowboys rookies. Hayes and Bryant had 47 and 45 catches respectively.

What he needs to work on? Williams one knock is that he is a body catcher. Meaning he doesn't catch the ball with his hands but with his body. Williams makes up for this negative by being able to get separation from anyone covering him. Williams shows this ability by being a master of the comeback (or curl routes). 

What can this player be in the future? One of Williams' biggest aspects is his ability to catch the long ball. 2 of his 5 touchdowns were for over 50 yards. It took a while for Williams and Romo to get on the right page. Williams did take less time to get in sync with Romo. It took Dez Bryant almost 2 seasons to show his potential. Williams took about 3 games to get on the same page with Romo and when they did it was money. One of the coaches biggest likes of Williams is that he doesn't make the same mistake twice. In the first game of the season against New York, Williams ran the wrong route that cost Dallas an interception. Williams quickly corrected this mistake and would not have a defender pick another ball off from him. You could pin the interception in the Minnesota game on him but if you go back and look at the play, you will see Romo under-threw Williams..

Williams is also a soild blocker. This was evident against the 2nd Washington game as Williams held a lead block for DeMarco Murray, the play went for 43 yards and should have resulted in a touchdown. Which was not of any fault of Williams at all.

In 2014 Williams has big shoes to fill, mainly his own. But if his play improves (as most rookie to 2nd year players normally do) Williams will do just fine and give teams something to think about opposite Dez Bryant.

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