Player Profile Series: J. J. Wilcox

The player profile series is about looking into the future with players on the Cowboys roster.
The player must have 3 things going for them in order to be listed.

1. Having been with the Cowboys for 3 year's or less.
2. Must have been, or projected to be a starter for the Cowboys.
3. Must have an upside to them.

Our first player profile is on rookie J.J. Wilcox.

J.J. Wilcox

College: Georgia Southern

Position: Safety #27

Who is he? Wilcox was picked by the Cowboys in the third round of the 2013 draft. Wilcox played wide receiver and returned kicks at college. Wilcox has only had one year playing in the secondary on college.

What is expected from him in 2014? Wilcox was pushed into the starting role during week 3 of the 2013 season. Wilcox had a lot of NFL growing pains but shows promise. During the pre-season, Wilcox showed an aggressive nature towards the ball. Being pushed in to the starting role earlier that expected due to injuries (and veteran Will Allen's departure) didn't give J.J. time to develop. Wilcox has played a different position in 3 years. (Wide receiver, running back and safety). This year is the first year Wilcox has been in the same position in consecutive years.

Even thought Wilcox did well in college at different positions he needs time to settle into the position of safety. Wilcox missed a lot of training camp due to the death of his mother. Having Wilcox in a full camp should do wonders for him and also tell us if he's going to be a draft steal for Dallas.

What he needs to work on? Wilcox is not the fastest safety cracking a 4.51, 40 yard dash at the combine but Wilcox has good leaping ability with a 35 inch vertical and 10.04 broad jump. This measurable combined with a 6'0 frame make Wilcox a prime contender to gain a lot of interceptions. Wilcox did have two but we're both called back. Wilcox does need to improve on the angels he takes while tackling. He finds himself out of position more times than usual.

What can this player be in the future? From the very start of the season, the Cowboys treated their two strong safeties (Church and Wilcox) as extra linebackers who could run. This explains as to why their run defense was so good to start the year. Wilcox is good during run coverage. (when he's not placed 15 yards away from the line of scrimmage) Wilcox is a hard hitter and decent in pass coverage. Wilcox only posted 38 tackles this season  playing in 13 games, half enduring a knee injury.

Wilcox has to get familiar with his role in the defense. With Carr and Claiborne in front of him Wilcox can be a ball hocking safety the Cowboys haven't had since Darren Woodson. Even thought Wilcox is a good tackler his position and angles come across a little off. Before Wilcox tackles anything his main goal in 2014 is to take his spot back from Jeff Health.

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