Jerry's first night owning the Cowboys

On the night he bought the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones walked into Texas Stadium and asked to have the lights turned on.

He walked to midfield and looked up through the hole in the roof.

As he sat on his bus Sunday at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, Jones talked about what that night meant to him.

“When I drove up to that stadium that night I had to pinch myself to think that I get to run this,” Jones said. “I can’t believe it. I’ve been around venues and stadiums all my life. I got to walk right in maybe a week before they were opening the Astrodome. We were down there working out to come play Nebraska, the Razorbacks were. They took us over for a field trip. It hadn’t been played in yet but I just saw it and it actually inspired me when we were building AT&T Stadium. So when I got involved with the Cowboys I got to see Texas Stadium and it was just absolutely like a monument to me and so that’s what I was into when I went out there that night and did that. When I look back at the kinds of things, games especially, but other events that happened during those years at Texas Stadium, it was a great experience. But that feeling of knowing that that stadium was not only a part of the Cowboys but it was a part of my responsibility of making the most out of it.”
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