Dallas Cowboys Mount Rushmore

With all the talks of LeBron's Mt Rushmore everyone in the sports world have added their lists. To be honest there all crocks of shit. My reason being this. There are only 44 President's of the United States.

When Mount Rushmore was actually built in 1925 there were only 30 President's and only 33 when Rushmore was finished in 1941. Having to choose the best 4 out of 30 is not that hard of a choice at all. I ment think about it. Starting offense and defense takes up 22 spots. Say I ask you to name you're favorite 4 Cowboys from 2013 that start. I think we all may have at least the same 3 out of 4 at the very minimum.

In the NBA, MLB and NFL there have been over 100,000 players per sport. In all the sports there are a minimum of 50+ players that could have a valid claim to be the very best of their sport. Trying to narrow down 50 players down to 4 to represent a sport is a daunting task, one in which anyone can do and would make everyone wrong. Every player is debatable and no one would be right. But in the model of the Hall of Fame where the slogan is "Can you write the history of the NFL, without these players"? In anyone's Mount Rushmore you would do the NFL a true disservice to write the history of the game with only 4 players.

For instance if I have you a Mount Rushmore of: Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor. How can you write the history of the NFL without a player who held every rushing record of his day and did so much for the influence of civil rights on the league without Jim Brown? If you switch Jim Brown with Lawrence Taylor how can you write a story of the NFL without a defensive player? Do you understand my point now?

When you account positions into this talk is there no room for a coach? I mean in February every team and players goal is to hold the Vince Lombardi trophy. Not the Joe Montana or Bart Starr trophy. As I mention the Super Bowl. We grade players on how many championship they have won so why is a man like Otto Graham never mentioned. Graham won 7 championships spanning over the NFL and AAFC. Unless you're a NFL historian or watch a LOT of NFL network you probably don't know nor care of Graham.

Since the Super Bowl or seems that Peyton  Manning has had to take his name off of this list. What about Tom Brady? How about Emmitt and Bruce Smith? The latter are men that are holders of 2 of the NFL's most prestigious records. The All-Time sack leader and All Time rushing leader.

My point is there cannot be a Mount Rushmore of the NFL, a sport that has no many names, leaders and trendsetters you can't narrow it down to four. In a true team sport one man (nor four) could be held to remember a league. In the NFL's case where would any of these (offensive) players be without the men in front of them? Apparently there are no room for Anthony Munoz, Jonathan Ogden, Mike Webster or Bruce Matthews.

It must be broken down. You can go to the 4 best offensive, defensive or in our case break it down into teams. So with our further ado we give you Dcstands4 Mount Rushmore of Dallas Cowboys.

4. Emmitt Smith

There is only one true Cowboy that holds a record of All Time NFL leading anything, therefore Emmitt gets the nod. With 18,335 yards Smith is the NFL's all time leading rusher.

3. Bob Lilly

When you are the first draft pick in Cowboys history you get on the list. Two super bowl appearances, winning one. Made the four-point stance famous. Regularly double and triple teamed once he moved to defensive tackle. First member of Cowboys Ring Of Honor.

2. Roger Staubach

Roger the dodger, Captain America. This Heisman trophy winner and Super Bowl MVP won 2 Super Bowls (made it to 4) with Dallas. Staubach biggest miss in his career was the fact that he didn't join the Cowboys directly after college (having to serve active duty for the military). Staubach is known for 2 main features; his swift feet and his ability to keep Dallas in games. Winning most games in the 4th quarter which gave him the nickname "Captain Comeback."

1. Tom Landry

Dallas would not be a franchise without Landry. I don't mean in a technical sense. I mean in a winning sense. Dallas' 20 winning seasons (still a league high) and first 2 Super Bowl wins came with Landry at the helm. Landry is one of only 2 coaches to end up losing a Super Bowl one year and winning it the next. Landry is accomplished in many ways even being credited with the invention of offensive motion. His fedora is legendary and iconic. Landry is one of the reasons Dallas is nicknamed America's Team.

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