10 offseason questions: Jerry's status

Is it time for Jerry Jones to step back and let someone else take over?

Calvin Watkins: It's time. But it won’t happen. Jerry Jones has the energy and knowledge to make things happen for his franchise. He should be given more credit for the three Super Bowls he earned back in the 1990s. The divorce with Jimmy Johnson and Jones’ role in it overshadows the success earned. Jones has made some changes this season, from giving more power to Will McClay and quite possibly the scouts for the 2014 draft. That shows you Jones has learned from previous mistakes and is willing to do whatever is necessary to fix this franchise. Jones, however, will never let a ‘football’ guy make the decisions for his franchise. Jones considers himself a football guy, he believes the head coach has direct connections to the owner/general manager and that’s him. Sure you can question some if not all of his decisions of late, but couldn’t you do the same with 31 other NFL teams? Of course you can. Jones hasn’t pushed his franchise to greater heights the last four seasons and that’s his fault. Why? Because he’s the owner/general manager and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s right when he does say when things do get better at Valley Ranch, he deserves some of the credit.

Todd Archer: Yes, but is this is trick question? We could have asked this a long time ago. Is Jones spending as much time at general manager every day as guys like John Schneider, Ryan Grigson or any of the other true GM types? The answer is no. He’s not. He can’t. It’s impossible for him to do all of the jobs he has as owner of the team, owner of multiple businesses and still have his ear on the football side of things 14 hours a day. That’s why Jones relies on Stephen Jones, Will McClay and Garrett. They are his eyes and ears on the team on a day to day basis. Jerry is not at these workouts leading into a draft. So maybe it’s on us to explain what he actually does a little bit better. I’ve asked Jerry this question before: If he had a business that has had the lack of success the Cowboys have had over a long period of time, would he still run it the same way? The answer doesn’t change. He’s the one signing the checks, so he’s the one who makes the decision. I understand the frustration Cowboys fans have, but it’s not going to change. It doesn’t mean we don’t ask and you can’t be frustrated, but just realize it’s not going to change.
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