Stephen Jones: Open to Drafting QB

Before leaving the Senior Bowl practices, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team is open to drafting a quarterback this spring.

"You always have to be open to that," Jones said. "Yeah, and whether it’s a guy ultimately one day, your future, even if its at some point it enables you to not have a better (more expensive) backup, that saves you money if you’re able to get on a guy like that, so we’re always open to it."

The Cowboys had two quarterbacks on the active roster in Tony Romo and Kyle Orton. They also had Alex Tanney on the practice squad, but lost him when the Cleveland Browns signed him to the active roster.

The issue regarding drafting a quarterback came up after Romo had back surgery just days before the final regular-season game against Philadelphia. Romo is expected to start the 2014 season on time, but will be 34 when it does start, and Orton will be 31.
At some point, with two quarterbacks in their 30s including a starter in his mid-30s, might the Cowboys want to draft a quarterback?

By picking in the middle of the first-round, it's doubtful if the Cowboys will invest in a quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel are expected to be selected in the Top 10.

Yet, Derek Carr, Logan Thomas, Jimmy Garoppolo and Aaron Murray could be around in the middle rounds for the Cowboys. Selecting a quarterback for the future is the smart play.

But given the holes in the Cowboys' defense, improving that unit is important as well
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