Not the same Old boys; 5 reasons Why Kyle Orton is a good thing for Dallas

5 reasons why Dallas fans should have faith in Kyle Orton during Sunday's game.

5. This defense can still create turnovers. The big bike in this team is the fact that we can't stop a nose bleed. While that is true the Cowboys still have a + 10 turnover differential. In 8 out of 15 games this defense has created more than one turnover. In a divisional game, this defense causing 2 turnovers can be the difference.

4. Orton is less likely to "check" out of plays. Before this season Jerry Jones boasted about how Romo would be more involved in the offense. In doing so this power gave Tony more confidence to change out of a play. Orton doesn't have this amount of "pull" in the offense. This will assure that if a run is called, a run will be the play.

3. Running the ball more. I don't expect DeMarco Murray to have 30 carries but I do expect him to have 23 carries or better.

2. This team has a "win it for Tony" mentality. Dez said it during the end of the week (Friday) and this thought is shared with the entire locker room. This team (unlike most fans) knows that Tony is their leader. They also don't want to let him down. A team with a mission can do great things.This gives the Cowboys something and someone to fight for.

1. Miles Austin, Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. When Green Bay lost Aaron Rogers and their best wide receivers were out, we saw a totally different team. When San Francisco and the Chicago Bears lost their quarterback (Alex Smith and Jay Cutler) the Bears and 49ers thrived. Chicago seemed to get even get better. The reason was that those teams core of receivers were still playing. Just as Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Vernon Davis, and Micheal Crabtree carried their teams. Bryant, Witten, Austin, Williams and even Beasley need to carry Dallas.  In Orton's breakdown post I showed you how Orton was an equal distributor of the football. Orton even did that not knowing he would play in those games. Orton has had a full week to practice with his receivers. Which will do him good come Sunday night.
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