Breakdown: Cowboys vs. Redskins


Name one

Put an X on DeMarco Murray and Miles Austin. The reason why I have named 2 is simple The Put an X on em player, In my eyes will be the War Horse 

DeMarco Murray but Romo will check out of his runs and throw to Miles. I predicted Miles to have a big game Sunday (which he did compared to Mile's standards). This will have to happen again. Terrance Williams will be out so we need Miles to step up for the 2nd straight week.

The way I see it. This is a game in which we needs DeWayne Harris. Harris is nursing a hammy so he will be a non factor. Cole Beasley will be returning kicks. Hopefully the Washington special teams gives up a few 20 yard returns to Beasley and we can have good field position. I'm not looking for a miracle with Cole on KR but a 20 yarder will be a bonus to this offense.

Kirk Cousins will look impressive to this defense as most QB's have. this is not to downplay Cousins skill (I think he has some) so this game will be won or lost IF the offense can put up 35 points. This will have to be a high scoring game if Dallas wants to have any chance of making a push for the playoffs.

What about Dez. The one thing Romo doesn't do is force the all to Dez Bryant On the interceptions We saw him throw erratic and off target balls to Beasley and Austin. At least if Tony forced the ball to Dez most Cowboy fans would understand. Throwing stupid balls to your 2nd and 3rd receiver is not acceptable. The balls that Romo threw to Dez on go routes where poorly throw either under or over the target the cold weather in Washington will not help Romo control the air under the ball any this week either.

Keys to the game:

1. Two turnovers. Last week we only forced 1 turnover, we lost. Two turnovers from a quarterback that threw three to the Falcons and a team that has had fumbling issues is a must.

2. Run the ball. As Warren Sapp said the 2 things that travel well are a good defense and a good running game. We can forget having a good defense. The running game is something we can do well. Smith and this zone blocking scheme is getting better by the week. run behind Tyron. Dallas called several runs to the right side (between Doug Free and Mackenzy Bernadeau) which did not work as well. keep the ball between Smith and Leary.

3. Lean on Witten not Dez. The previous games have show that DeAnglo Hall has actually locked down Dez. I can believe it either but there is something to this. Dez has never put up 100 plus yards on Hall. As I stated earlier Williams will be out, therefore Witten has gashed the Redskins before and if the Cowboys find success Sunday it will come thru 82 not 88. 

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