5 Things that we learned during the win in Washington

5. I couldn't watch the defense. It's sad that it's not really their fault but I only watched offensive possessions. So this will not be a defense rationalization of the Cowboys, I only watched offense.

4. Murray's got heart. DeMarco "Ware Horse" Murray has got heart. So much so that he let his mind speak to Garrett and they "GAVE HIM THE DAMN BALL" Murray streak of 11-0 when possession the ball 20+ times is still alive.

3. We can say what we want about Dez but we can't say he not a team player. This is the 2nd straight week in a row that the camera cut cut to Dez after a Murray run. You see Dez being the biggest cheerleader for Murray in the world. Again say what you want about Dez but you can't say that this kid wants to win, no matter WHO gets the shine. I remember seeing T.O. do the exact opposite every week in Dallas. That will be the first and last time I ever say those two name in the same statement.

2. Micheal Spurlock was a good acquisition. Yes he only had one big return of 62 yards but that is all we needed. I said in the breakdown we only needed a 20 yarder or two from what I thought was going to be Beasley returning kicks. Spurlock did it in one possession a boost that this team surly needed.

1. Cole Beasley is becoming our Wes Welker. I know that Cole hate the comparison but when you're as tall as one of Santa's elves and come up big on 3rd down. You get compared to Wes Welker. Beasley only had 2 catches but none where bigger then the last that converted a 3rd down.
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