The Aftermarket: Vikings vs Cowboys

Play-calling or Romo?

For the 3rd straight week this offense has looked lackluster and we can't help but ask what is going on? Is it the play calling or Romo? Trick question it's not either. The offensive line and the tight ends are not getting off blocks and the wide receivers are dropping a lot of passes. As poor as the Cowboys looked at times the receivers had a much better day than they did last week with Bryant, Witten, Beasley and even Murray all having over 5 catches.

Something is wrong with DeMarco Murray

I'm am not going to talk about the rushing attempts, as I said yesterday we are who we are. My issue is the fact that Murray was replaced with Dunbar and Randle on multiple plays on Sunday. At any minute I was waiting for someone to address it, for a trainer to be tending to his foot but nothing. He was walking on the sidelines as if nothing was wrong but I continued to see Murray on the side and Dunbar in at times. I have no idea if the Cowboys were taking it easy on him coming off of an injury or the team has just lost faith in him but it bothers me. Randle and Dunbar haven't show any flashes of greatness in the regular season or showed that they are better blockers or pass catchers so why side step Murray?

Who Is Everette Brown?

In a season of inconsistency, there is one consistency with this football team: It doesn't matter who comes in off the street, that player will contribute. I have called this defensive line, "The Band of Backups" and today that group added one more name to story.

To Everette Brown's credit, he came to the club in great physical condition and it showed in the way he played. His preseason tape from the Eagles showed a player that was used as an outside linebacker, but his best plays were when he was able to put his hand on the ground and get after the passer. He physically is better suited to play in this 4-3 scheme than in the 3-4 because of his ability to rush the passer like he did at Florida State.

What was surprising about Brown's play is that he was able to get his pressures on Matt Kalil, who is the Vikings’ standout left tackle. Brown did not fade from the challenge of having to deal with Kalil at all. His rushes were explosive, and he made it difficult for Kalil to handle him one-on-one.
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