The Aftermarket: Broncos vs. Cowboys

It's tough to not be hurt after what happened sunday. This was truly supposed to be a game that the Cowboys were not supposed to win. When you are in a game that all week the media says you don't have a chance to win and you lead 3 times within the game and go blow for blow with one of the greatest quarterbacks ever how do you feel?

If the Broncos would have pulled up to Arlington and blew Dallas out 42-13, we would have felt pathetic. But having the game end 51-48 and have the game tied and within reach with two minutes left it's understandable to be disappointed, doubtful and feel that this is the same old Cowboys team. Today many, if not all folks that have an input on the game is playing Good Romo vs Bad Romo. How many people played Good Vick Bad Vick, Good Eli Bad Eli or Good Flacco Bad Flacco after the Broncos ripped them to shreds? Without Romo we wouldn't have had a chance and if the defense would have been consistent with our 2 turnovers which we had been averaging before sunday we would not be having this conversation at all.

In short we could just say we've seen this movie before but in short we haven't. Dallas' movies usually goes: come from behind, don't run the ball and throw until Romo makes a mistake or win the game and the former is usually what we come up with. This movie is the same movie I see every week in New Orleans, New England and now Denver. The Movie is titled fuck it, it's first and 10 and give me a 15 yard completion. I sat back watching those 3 team last week and wondered why we don't usually go more west coast, more across the middle passes and comeback routes. Sunday I saw just that. usually our routes are more sideline routes and plays that take forever to develop and I always wondered why we don't play more to our talents and less to what the coach "feels" will work.

It's the offense I saw yesterday is the one that I want to see the rest of the season. I will have no problems with this loss. This game was good in a lot of reasons because we got a lot of things done. I do not agree with Jerry Jones about this being a morale victory. However during this game I saw 2 things I want to see every week and things that we need to do to establish an identity in the NFC.

We had to get Terrance WIlliams the ball. With Miles out and Miles' history we know that we need a viable 3rd receiver. Terrance Williams started his welcome to the NFL tour last week in San Diego and was only remembered by most for the fumble. Today he is known for having 151 yards, 82 coming on a bomb. Having a player that can go 100+ yards on the other side of DezAtron makes defensive coordinator and safeties worry.

We really used the 12 personnel and we got more receivers involved. In my Breakdown I said we had to use it, really use it to the effect of Witten having 7 catches for 121 and a TD and Hanna and Escobar having only one catch but Escobar's was at a critical time for a 1st down. Romo got the ball in 8 players hands 4 players had over 3 catches. What that means is that any player coming on that field is an option not just a guy taking up space and a defenses plays on it's heels when they know they have 5 viable options to cover.

Those are signs we need to see from this Dallas team. Sunday was sunday and our season really begins now. It's sad to say but we have facing us a crucial game sunday night. At this point we are 2-3 with the Eagles having the same record but having one more divisional win giving them the edge. Being that Washington has 1 win and us having 2 we do not want this turning into a 3 team race in the NFC. With a team that started 0-3 in the conversation. This division needs to be between Dallas and Philly.

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