Breakdown: Redskins vs. Cowboys

Put an X on em'

Put an X on: Bruce Carter, no one likes getting benched and the Cowboys staff has sent strong messages with benching players. When DeMarco Murray was benched during preseason for fumbling he came on with a vengeance in the 2nd half of that game. I expect Bruce Carter to have the same impact. The redskins may want to run and gather that with the fact that Tight Ends have abused Dallas in the past few week this will allow Carter to make plays; If he's ready. Expect the Cowboy linebacker to have 8+ tackles in this game.

The way I see it: I can't speak for most of the players in the Cowboys locker room but I've been waiting for this game for 10 months. It was 10 month ago we walked into FedEx field with the season and the division on the line and walked away empty handed. These are two different teams from that week 16 matchup last year. Washington is coming off a bye and their first win 2 weeks earlier. Dallas is coming off of one of the most explosives game in Cowboy history. A game that we lost. One thing that needs to be carried over from that lost, is the way we played on offense. Romo had over 500 hundred yards and had 3 receivers had over one hundred yards. Now no one in Cowboy Nation expected a 500 year performance but the way the offense ran is something we all hope carries over. It would be wonderful if we could get DeMarco involved early. However if we don't I still want to see the explosiveness from Terrance Williams, even with Miles Austin coming back. Playing Williams on the outside and Miles in the slot will be key to this offense.

It goes without saying that this defense has to play better. DeMarcus Ware claims that he is fully healthy no stingers no problems with the back injury. Hopefully that is the case. Hopefully George Selvie returns to that form that we saw early in the season. Our front 4 has to get pressure on the redskins pocket and our linebackers have to contain RGIII no matter what state he is in.

Keys to the game:

1. 2 sacks, as I stated before this defense has got to get more pressure on the Quarterback, knockdowns are great but we want sacks.

2. Get DezAtron started early. The best way to continue our success from last week is to get Dez started early. If Dez gets going that playbook opens up. When the Redskins are worried about Dez, Miles and Terrance can get going.

3.  2 rushing touchdowns. I have givin up screaming the fantastic stat about Murry getting 20 touches and our record when that happens. So let just get him in the end zone twice. As they say they run sets up the pass.

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