Breakdown - Broncos vs. Cowboys

Put an X on em'

Put an "X" on: Brandon Carr. Peyton Manning will throw an interception in this game and Carr will be the player to break it.

The Way I see it: The last time the Cowboys faced a Peyton Manning team Sean Lee picked him apart. We learned later that Peyton was not the same Peyton facing neck surgeries and missing a season thereafter. This Peyton Manning is the Peyton we have all known if not better.

The best way to stop Manning is to keep him off the field. The best way to keep him off the field is to run the ball. I hate to say this but I do not expect Dallas to be constant with the running game. Even tho DeMarco Murray is top 3 in rushing in the NFL. I pray that I'm wrong on that aspect. The other way to stop Manning is to change his looks in pass coverage and not let him get too comfortable. This game will be as much a defensive battle as an offensive one.

Keys to the game

1. DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys are 10-0 when he gets 20+ touches. I do not understand why this stat seems to get ignored when the coaches game plan. Hopefully today they take notice of it.

2. Disturb Welker, both Thomas' and Decker's routes. Aka be physical at the line of scrimmage. The second way to stop Peyton is to throw his receivers off. Manning's system is time precision based, the way to interrupt that precision is to bump receivers at the line. Even throwing them off a second will disturb Peytons' accuracy and give safeties a chance to make a play on the ball.

3. Really run the 12 personnel. It seems that we have had a much better running game with 3 wide receiver sets, but running the 12 personnel is much more than a front to get more runs out of. With Miles out Dez is going to get a lot of coverage over the top. Employing the 12 personnel will give us an opportunity to get Witten, Hanna and Escobar involved which will be needed to control the clock and have long drives.

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