5 Things we learned from Sunday's loss in Detroit

We at DCstands4.com have finshed our 12 hours of crying and can now go forward with our 5 things we learned from Sunday's loss.

Number 5 - Brandon Carr was not the problem. Monte Kiffin NOT having anyone help Carr was the problem. You can say that Carr did great against Garcon and Jackson in the last few weeks and be correct however Calvin Johnson is a player playing a different game. You can't expect any corner to cover him 1 on 1 and think things will be ok. One of the things that Dez was ranting about was the fact that Carr was getting no help whatsoever. When a receiver is telling you that our defensive coverage is a issue you should take notice.

Number 4 - We have to get more pressure on the quarterback. Dallas got their 1 and only sack in the 4th quarter, a sack that should have almost ended the game if the offense would have done what they were supposed to do. In any case the band of misfits has been playing well but we need more sacks, more QB hurries and more knockdowns.

Number 3 - Miles Austin just lost his job. Much like in 2010 when a veteran Roy Williams asked a young Dez Bryant to carry his pads and then lost his job. Miles Austin has lost his job to a young rookie named Terrance Williams (and he didn't even get his pads carried). Now I'm not saying we won't see Miles again but when we do it will be more out of the slot position (which he is better at) than in that number 2 position. Terrance Williams has entered his 4 straight game with a touchdown and doesn't plan on slowing down now.

Number 2 - This defense doesn't make sense. The Dallas defense is 2nd in takeaways with 19 only trailing the Kansas City Chiefs (20). With a turnover differential of 9. In the NFL if you win the turnover battle you are supposed to win games. In 3 out of the 4 games Dallas has lost they won in turnovers. This same defense that has caused 11 interceptions apparently can't cover. This doesn't make a lick of sense.

Number 1 - This team will not be a contender until this is Dez Bryant's team. This is not a knock on Tony Romo but we know what we get when this is Tony's team. We get to the door of the dancehall but can never get our boogie on. In the lost we saw a team that had one option - Calvin Johnson. Until we place our faith in another player like the Lions did we will continue to be mediocre. Dez Bryant is the only one on our team capable of that feet. When we can completely turn the keys to the team over to Bryant we can become a contender. Not just because Dez is great but because we have other weapons. We are playing the game ass backwards. We normally throw to every other receiver and then when we get a chance throw to Dez. We should be throwing it to Dez over and over again and then when teams place 2 and 3 men on him we can unleash players like Williams, Witten and even Beasley.
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