Why Anthony Spencers' injury will not hold the Dallas defense back

The word all week is that Anthony Spencer will need microfracture surgery and will be placed on injured reserved. Well the season ending IR designation has been made and surgery is set; we will lose Spencer for the year. Is this a bad thing? On the outside yes. We lose a guy that has 11 sacks last year. Will he be missed? Somewhat but let me give you 5 reasons why Spencer leaving isn't as bad thing and one reason to why it's actually a good thing.

Reason number 1. George Selvie, as we seen that Hall of Fame game performance of George Selvie was not a fluke. Selvie has been playing strong for the past 3 games and has 2 sacks and 7 tackles. Not bad for a "journeyman".

Reason number 2. Nick Hayden, Hayden hasn't been stat monster but he has been playing big, creating pressure and getting off of his blocks well. Hayden may be a benefit of Rod Marinelli's scheme, but the scheme fits him. He is making the best of this opportunities and even getting more playing time. Facing the Giants and Chiefs, Hayden usually got taken out on 3rd downs but with St. Louis he played all three downs which means he is getting better and Marinelli trusted Hayden.

Reason number 3. Jason Hatcher, either the light bulb finally clicked on or Hatcher really loves playing in the 4-3 defense. Either way Hatcher has stepped up big time as a player and a vocal leader on the field. In the 3-4 defense Hatcher has a season best in 2011 of 4.5 sacks. 3 games into 2013 Hatcher already has 3 sacks and 9 tackles, where his best tackle performance was in 2012 with 27.

The reason why Spencer's injury may be good overall for the Cowboys long term is that this year Spencer is playing on a 10+ million dollar franchise tag. No player wants to play under the tag and Spencer was more than likely to be gone from the Cowboys next year. This all would have depended upon his play this year. Spencer would have been like former Cowboys Stephen Bowen, Marcus Spears and Chris Canty that the Cowboys couldn't afford when it was time to renew their contracts. Spencer is better than most of those players and a team would look at his 11 sacks last year and Spencer would have been on the market. With this injury it will knock Spencers' price down and may give Dallas a reasonable chance to re-sign him next year.

The final reason why Spencer's injury will not hold Dallas back will be Jay Ratliff. Ratliff is currently on the PUP list and can come back after week 6. In week 7 we play the Eagles and I do not expect Ratliff to come back at the game being that we have no idea where Ratliff is in his progression. He has been at Valley ranch here and there and is trying to come back but I do not see him coming back until week 8 or 10 at the latest.

In week 8 we play the Detroit Lions and Week 10 we play the New Orleans Saints. If we can get Ratliff back to play the Saints and he can be productive even as a rotation player would be great. Hatchers' performance will also move Ratliff to the 1 technique instead of the 3 technique, which was thought to be Ratliff's spot coming into this year. Playing the 1 technique is a lot less pressure for Ratliff and will give him a better chance to succeed being to the left of Hatcher and Ware and to the right of Selive. If Ratliff can return and give us 4 to 5 sacks in the final 6 weeks of the season. It can give Dallas a position to finish the season strong and make a way to get into the postseason.
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