Breakdown - Cowboys vs. Chiefs

The Breakdown - Cowboys vs. Chiefs

Put an X on Em'

Put an X on Sean Lee, this is going to be a physical game and the Chiefs will try to run the ball. This gives Sean Lee a place to shine and show why he's worth the money. If the Chiefs go away from the run early. Alex Smith will try and use quick passes and throws to the checkdown RB and quick outs to the TE which should also give Lee the chance to make plays and even come away with a ball or two when Alex Smith gets too comfortable with the short passes.

The Way I see it: This may be one of the biggest rivalry games for teams that are not mandated to play every season.

Game wise both Kansas City and Dallas are coming off of big wins. Kansas City is that team that should have won more than 2 games last season and Dallas is a team that should have been to the postseason the last two years. That goes to say that these teams have good players, players that need to step up today. With Morris Claiborne's shoulder injury, he will be playing in a harness and we will see a lof of Orlando Scandrick at CB. We all know the Chiefs are going to run the ball so if there was any game where Claiborne can't be 100 percent it's this one. Brandon Carr just has to be the man that does his job and take DWayne Bowe out of this game.

The trenches could very much be an advantage for Dallas this game. I know that is on the contrary to what most people think but hear me out. There is a good chance that Brian Waters plays and could even start. Anthony Spencer is still a question but if he can come out and play 2 out of every 10 defensive plays it would be a big help to own defensive line.

Keys to the game:

1. Handling the run, I don't want to say stopping because it's cliche and a back like Jamaal Charles when healthy can't be stopped, however he's not healthy therefore the Cowboys need to handle him and make sure he gets no more than 65 yards on the ground.

2.  Win the battle in the trenches with Smith, Travis Frederick and now Brian Waters coming aboard. This line that costs us games last year has to win us games this year. This goes both ways, on defense Demarcus Ware, George Selvie and Nick Hayden have to get pressure on Alex Smith, if we can hurry and knock down Smith we can control him. If he feels pressured he will make mistakes. At that time it will be up to the back 4 to capitalize on turnovers situations.

3. Lance Dunbar, James Hanna, Gavin Escobar or even Miles Austin again. This is one of those games where someone you're not too familiar with will emerge again. Kansas City has two good CB's and they don't want this to be the Jason Witten show no more than it can be the Dez Bryant show. Watch for another player to emerge in this game much like Austin did the last time the Cowboys were in Kansas City or like Jesse Holley did when the Cowboys were in San Fran last year.

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