Breakdown - Cowboys vs. Chargers

Put an X on em'

Put an "X" on: Dez Bryant, yes it's finally time for Dez to take center stage. We know Dez has touchdowns in 2 of our 3 games but Sunday Dez needs to take over. With Miles Austin possibly not playing and us being unsure of how much time if any Dewayne Harris will get, Dez will be the focal receiver in this game. The Chargers are not that good in the defensive backfield and we need to exploit it with Dezatron.

The Way I see it: Being down at receiver brings opportunity with it. Terrance Williams has been getting a lot of playing time in these early games. His playing time as a rookie was for the sole purpose of when Miles Austin goes down. Miles went down and now Terrance will have to put to use the time he has gotten. Not only does Williams needs to come away with a sense of confidence. This game Williams' needs to step up and have 5+ receptions and get some YAC (yards after catch), something he did effortlessly at Baylor. Cole Beasley is another player that will get significant time Sunday. We've been waiting for Beasley to get playing time, now Sunday will be that game. Beasley needs to be key at the slot and help Dallas with a touchdown.

Getting away from the run is not an option, with Harris and Miles' playing time uncertain if any for Sunday. We need to control the pace of the game. We should also trust in our offensive line with Waters, Frederick and Doug Free. That will allow us to chew some clock and get Demarco his 20+ touches and build of off what we started against St. Louis.

Keys to the game:

1. Put pressure on Philip Rivers. This front 7 has met and exceeded expectations and we need to continue the trend. Rivers has been playing well but our defensive line needs to stop that. Rivers is also one of the quarterbacks that DeMarcus Ware has not sacked in his career, that needs to change. I expect Ware to get 1.5 sacks on Rivers by games end.

2. Take advantage of San Diego's defense. The Chargers are ranked 31st in the NFL in total defensive. Last in Passing and 28th in rushing. We drafted Frederick and signed Waters to help the O-line, let's take advantage of the upgrades and control the trenches and exploit the defense we are playing.

3. Create 3 turnovers. Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli have been preaching stripping and getting to the ball. This defenses' identity will be tied to turnovers as the season goes on. We need to force Rivers into making mistakes and taking advantage of them.
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