Are the Cowboys deep at receiver or are these Wideouts fools gold?

Are the Cowboys deep at receiver or are these Wideouts fools gold?

Coming into camp the Cowboys have as many as 12 wide receivers. It's highly unlikely that we bring 6 into the final cuts but if we do who will be those 3 or 4 guys that we take and who is on the outside looking in.

We have DeWayne Harris, Anthony Armstrong, Terrence WIlliams, Cole Beasley, Danny Coale, Tim Benford, Jared Green, Eric Rogers, Lavasier Tuinei and Anthony Amos for those of you keeping score.

DeWayne Harris lit up last year's preseason and took a giant leap over Kevin Ogletree, so much so that we had no issue of parting ways with Ogletree this off season.

Danny Coale and Cole Beasley should be the rightful guys behind Harris but injuries are keeping them out of very meaningful reps at camp. At the blue and white scrimmage the announcers all but killed Coale off of our roster.

Making a name for himself is former Washington Redskin slot man Anthony Armstrong, Armstrong has been slightly impressive at practice making the most out of his first team reps. Some may consider Armstrong the fastest of our receiving corps.

If Armstrong is not the fastest of these new receivers it's definitely son of Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green son Jared Green. Green came on slow in last sunday scrimmage but turned it up as the game progressed. Green has followed up that performance with some good days at camp even between leading cornerback Brandon Carr for a touchdown at wednesday's practice.

Lastly we have Eric Rogers. Coaches say he is making spectacular catches all over the field. The walk-on free agent is beating B.W. Webb, one of Dallas' 2013 NFL Draft picks as well as veteran Orlando Scandrick. He is also showing his skills by bringing down difficult catches. Rogers will be a guy we see on practice squad unless he annihilates someone during these tune up games.

The Battle

Practice is practice but the HOF game is going to separate the men from the boys. With or without Romo. Armstrong, Harris and Williams could make or lose a name for themselves come Sunday. As stated Terrence Williams is showing he may be the most complete one of our receivers that is not named Dez Bryant but will his success fade or get better as we get into actual NFL reps. If you're watching the HOF game this is who I would be looking for to see if any of these guys stand out. At the present time the 3rd spot is Harris' to lose but from what we're seeing at camp Williams may be the guy to take if from him. If thats so it won't be done in this game but between Miami, Oakland and Houston that 3rd spot will be decided.
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