Quick thoughts after the Blue/White scrimmage

Ok here we go:

Terrance WIlliams - I thought this was one of these guys the coaches just liked (see Andre Holmes) but this guy can PLAY if you missed his slant diving catch, then you missed a great play.

B.W. Webb came up and had a big pick 6, after the draft I touted him a the ONLY player to care about from the draft and this is why.

Tanney - I don't think I've EVER wanted to see a 3rd string QB play but it's interesting to see what he will do with "live bullets" also even though the line will be garbage he will have someone to throw to see next player.

Jared Green - I know it's early to say this but I don't this this guy will make the team but a few years on PS and this guy could make his way onto an NFL roster.

JJ Wilcox - he didn't really have any "big" plays be he can read a QB, Wilcox looked like a shark in the secondary on sunday and I will not be surprised if he doesn't leave the preseason with at least 2 turnovers.

Dunbar - last year I thought Phillip Tanner was the run away winner at the 2nd RB spot, this year it looks like Dunbar is going to take the job away and if he does anything on special teams that will cement it.

In closing normally preseason games don't have much offense but with the fight for receiver spots and I didn't mention armstrong or harris but these guys are not only hungry they can catch. Plus there were some good competitions at the TE spots as well.

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