Jones Says "Cowboys Stadium" Name Staying

The Niners are going to have a new name for their stadium, but don’t count on the Cowboys doing the same.
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington has had the same name for nearly four years after it began hosting events and games, and it sounds like it’s going to stay that way.

“Timing is important,” Jones said. “But just how it fits is important. There potentially have been some situations I might have been interested. But it just didn’t fit….. I’m pretty proud of the Cowboys and I’ve got pretty high bar and high standard for who we want to be associated with,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said.

Jones then relayed a story about how he was initially considering naming the $1.2 billion football palace Vaqueros de Dallas Stadium because “it fit our great Hispanic fan base.”

That never happened, of course. And Jones said he wasn’t too eager to negotiate a naming-rights agreement with a corporate sponsor.

“I want to be very deliberate and have been,” he said. “The good news is that it is something I haven’t felt the need to be so urgent on.”

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