Witten: Tony Romo is an elite quarterback

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was in Baltimore this week to receive an Ed Block Courage Award. While in Maryland, Witten was a guest Monday on Baltimore sports station AM 1570.

Among other topics, the eight-time Pro Bowler discussed the pressure that comes with playing in Dallas.

"It's tough," Witten said. "I think it comes with the territory. When you're winning it can be great, and then the last two years not making the playoffs, it's tough, and it's a tough market to play in. But all in all, you wouldn't have it any other way. That's where you want to be and I've been fortunate to have been there the last 10 years. It's a great organization.

"In a lot of ways you feel like you're close. We've had a chance to play for a division championship two years in a row and we came up short. So we got to fix that, but I think we've got a great chance with a good quarterback in Tony [Romo] leading the way. A lot of talented players, we've just got to come together just like we saw Baltimore and the way it came together for them."

Speaking of the Ravens, Witten drew comparisons between the Cowboys and Ravens when the topic turned to quarterback play. Witten said Romo is capable of doing the same things Joe Flacco did this season while leading Baltimore to a Super Bowl victory.

"I think, first and foremost, his expectations for himself are so much higher than anybody else," Witten said of Romo. "When you don't compete for a championship, especially in Dallas, you have one playoff win, the criticism is going to come. I think he embraces that. He doesn't run from it. Just like Joe. I think Joe's a standup guy. He rides under the shadow of that Ravens defense and all that and just kept playing well, playing well, playing well. Obviously he's very poised and determined and we saw what happened.

"But I don't just look at those four or five games. Look at the body of work he has had the last four or five years. That's a product of consistency and I think Tony understands that. I think he's an elite quarterback that can do the same things. Not every quarterback can compete and lead your team to a championship. I think Tony can. He understands that. He's a very innovative quarterback. He creates a lot of things. I think he's our leader and the guy that can do it for us, it's just putting in the body of work. And you got to have some breaks along the way, just like we saw Baltimore get some of those as well."
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