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Yesterday at 4pm the free agent frenzy began. Unlike other years where the league year began at 12:01am of a day. The league year started at 4pm. This allowed for ESPN and NFL network to reign in and give us our football heroin hit that we need in early march.

To be honest IT WAS FREAKING GREAT!!! News came off the wire at 4:00 and 56 seconds that Mike Wallace was going to Miami. Fitzpatrick and Asomugha were relased. Martellus Bennet went to the Bears. Paul Kruger went to the Browns and yadda yadda yadda. What did Jerry Jones do? what was the news out of valley ranch? Nothing, not a sound. We weren't interested in anybody, we weren't rumored to have visited any players. It was like America Teams didn't exist. Perfection pure perfection.

We did nothing. In my opinion we don’t “need” any players outside of a center or a versatile O-lineman (which can be picked up in the draft) but it isn’t the fact that Jerry Jones agreed with me that our roster is stacked as the reason we did nothing. We did nothing because we are broke. Dallas is about 18 million dollars over the salary cap this year. But being broke has never felt so good. How many people think the Dolphins will win the division? Probably as many people that thought the Bills where last year. Yup, the team that just outed their quarterback knows a thing or two about being “winners “in free agency. It landed them a 6-10 record and drafting at the 8 spot this year.

This year we have the Browns also who think that winning means stealing pieces from the super bowl champions is the way to contend? This is the team that had not one but TWO first rounds pick in last year’s draft and wound up with a 29 year old quarterback and a running back as 1st round picks. Once again we should ask the Bills what it’s like to take a running back in the top 10 of the NFL draft (with C.J Spiller) not that I have anything against Trent Richardson, but you don’t pick a running back in the top 10 of ANY draft not in today’s NFL and the Browns are STILL looking for a quarterback after drafting one in three straight drafts.

To any normal team the lesson would be to build through the draft because even after the Browns  spending frenzy there no better than the Bengals. Who drafted AJ Green and Andy Dalton in the same year. Not to mention also in their division you have the Super Bowl Champions Ravens and a team that has won two super bowls in this decade the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So now Cowboys fans where are WE. I can tell you for one I’d rather not be getting sold on fantasy hope like people in Cleveland, Miami and now Detroit. I’d rather be where we are. We have lost no key pieces. Jay Ratliff is staying. Anthony Spencer was franchised. Miles Austin restructured his deal. The only losses we have are a 2nd string TE (John Phillips) and we will lose a 2nd string RB (Felix Jones) and Mike Jenkins may go somewhere. This is to say no starters will be leaving and our total team will be intact. The only way we will add players is in that last week of April at the NFL draft (the way franchisees are supposed to do it)

I like this scaling back, no big offseason moves and we are scaling back on defense with a simpler defense (Monte Kiffin). So what 2013 team will be is up to the players that we have on our roster and with players like Dwayne Harris, Lance Dunbar and Danny Coale wanting to step up and take someone’s job. Our first and second round pick alongside with the new coaching staff  is how the 2013 cowboys will be chosen, not on a boring day in march.
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