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Just because the season has ended it doesnt mean that we have. In two weeks the NFL combine starts and we will have updates to the Cowboys draft board. We at DCstands4 will give you the updated on the players with rising and lowering stock. Players the Cowboys may pick and players that would be used best in our system.

After the combine we will also cover free agency in depth (March 12th)

I don't care what you felt about this 2012 Dallas Cowboys team, we will get better. There are 32 teams in the national football league and I don't care if we won 2 games or went deep in the playoffs 31 teams FAILED.

31 teams can say "if we had this" or "if this call would have been called..." but the bottom line is there is only one city, one team and one fanbase that had a perfect season. So for all of us it's time to look to the draft, free agency and waiting seven months for training camp to try out this thing we call "fanhood" for the greatest sport in the world.

and congrats to the Balitmore Ravens...Super Bowl XLVII Champs

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