NFC East Draft Report - O.T.I.S.

The final whistle for all for teams in the NFC east has been blow. Now we look to April 25th and the NFL draft. These for teams will be looking for answers as to why they won't be playing next week in New Orleans for all the marbles.

In 2006 the Houston Texans selected Mario Williams for the sole purpose of stopping one Mr. Peyton Manning. Now Peyton plays in the AFC west but his brother Eli is in the NFC east and the Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys have to face him twice every season and with two super bowl rings this Manning doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Then we have RG III only time will tell if the NFL's flavor of the month is the real deal or has the NFL caught up to him a la Cam Newton. These two quarterbacks makes you wonder should the Eagles and Cowboys go the way of the Texans and draft for the sole purpose of stopping these two quarterbacks?

Washington Redskins - No pick in the first round due to the RG III trade last year. I project that with their pick falling somewhere between 43 and mid 50's during the second round the Redskins will go corner back being that DeAngelo  Hall isn't getting any younger.

New York Giants - There weakness is at Offensive line, running back and wide receiver. The G-men will not take a receiver due to Eli being able to spin NFL straw into gold. New York has the 19th pick and if they don't have to replace Osi Umenyiora they can go RB in the first round.

Dallas Cowboys - I stated the cowboys may go with Sam Montgomery at 18 being we are switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3. Safety is also a need some proclaim but with Church and Sensabaugh I don't agree. I feel center could be a back up choice if someone (Chance Warmack Alabama or Johnathan Cooper North Carolina  blows us away at the combine. If Spencer leaves we should be looking very heavily at Jarvis Jones from Georgia.

Philadelphia Eagles - Where do we start for a team  that wins 4 games, fired their coach and could be firing there quarterback  Being as Chip Kelly is an offensive minded coach it goes without saying his first pick in the NFL will be on the offensive side of the ball picking 4th in the NFL draft. Pending Kelly falls in love with Vick or Foles expect Philly to take an Offsive lineman with that 4th pick. If not Geno Smith may come to Philly pending his draft stock doesn't go up between the senior bowl and the combine and Andy Reid decided to stick it to his former team.

NFC East 2013 draft position recap:

Washington Redskins - Traded pick to St. Louis in 2012

New York Giants - 19th pick

Dallas Cowboys - 18th pick

Philadelphia Eagles - 4th pick

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