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Yes I'm 24 hours late but between sleeping over my drunkenness and crying on new years, Tuesday will be my Monday...

I can tell that the world is going to hell when my beloved #cowboynation feels like "redskins fans". "Redskins fans" for those of you unfamiliar with this team before this year are unlike a typical NFL team. The redskins normally run into a season bright eyed and bushy tailed. Expecting the world entering the NFL season and falling flat on their faces come mid season and starts checking out come December. Come the end of the season the redskin faithful start looking at all the free agents set to hit the market and say "we need this guy" and look this WR will be available in the draft. As I look to my twitter, to my emails and to the cowboys message boards I see this type of behavior from my True Blue faithful.

#Cowboysnation you forgot ONE thing. The Dallas Cowboys did not lose that game Sunday. Replacement players lost that game Sunday. Jerry Jones said earlier this season the Cowboys are prepared to win and WIN now, and he truly believes that, I believe that. Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Jay Ratliff, Phil Costa are prepared to win. Neither of those players played Sunday. Those players along with 7 other started were on the IR or unable to give 100 percent.

Every WR that caught over ten balls (this season) came out of that game even Cole Beasley and Harris had to leave the game.

Yes, come Sunday night like all of you I was disappointed. I still am disappointed. During Sundays game a thought came across my head, the thought that IF we had to play a playoff game who would be out there? Would our starting WR be Cole Beasley and DeWayne Harris and Andre Holmes. No disrespect to those players. These guys are actually players that are on my ones to watch list for next year, but they just don't have the experience don't have the reps for playoff football.

Long story short, Washington beat a wounded dog team. There are no excuses in football and this is not one. Every Sunday each team puts out there best 46. We put out our best 46, guys like Sterling Moore, Alex Albright and Ernie Sims who weren't on the team in September, weren't on anyone's team in September and we fought with them. Guys that I hope will be back in some capacity as least as back ups to Lee and Carter (speaking of Albright and Sims) and hopefully giving Moore a contract because that guy played his ass off and flew around the ball on every play.

We put our best team on the field every week and despite injuries we took a 3-5 mid season team to 8-8 team. Our defense drop from top 3 to rounding out 19. Our offense landed finally at 6. Romo finished with over 4,000 yards. 93 short of 5,000. Two players with over 1,000 yards receiving and Austin coming 57 yards short. Yes we scored a record low in rushing yards, but when DeMarco was healthy his average breaks down to a 100 yards a game and he still deserves the title "War Horse" as that he is. Dez Bryant's talent has come to fruition as Spider-man is the X-factor he wants to be know has. The worst part is he will only get better. Next season he WILL be the best Wide out in the league.

There are no holes on this team. As I look to the draft and I wondered were do we go it's not obvious. This is a team that only defeats it self and we have done that through injuries. Sure at times we made dumb mistakes see the Ravens game, however this is a young team. Young teams make mistakes. The beauty in it is that young teams will be back to correct there mistakes.

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