This ain't a scene it's a got da** playoff race

If you don't get the Fallout boy reference it's ok that's what Google is for.

We are fallout boys;

Sidekicks to the New York giants, and the way this thing has played out the Washington Redskins. RG III has been on an NFC east rampage and December 30th can be for all the marbles. 

Before we get to that there is Sunday  Any given Sunday where we play the Cincinnati Bengals who have playoff aspirations themselves. We have to play this team no way around that and it goes without saying we must win this game. With a healthy Demarco Murray anything is possible. Ginger jay believes in him so much so he kept Doug Free in the game when the Eagles threw everything at him including the kitchen sink.

As for defense you can say our defense sucks and I would call you an idiot, we have 5+ key players injured most on the IR. Without that we still have a 11th ranked defense in the NFL, because somehow every week Robbie Ryan get some unnamed player from off of their couch and sticks them in and the contribute. See Sterling Moore for an example.

I'll tell you the truth it will not be easy but this is a test, the same test 31 other teams are faced with in the NFL in December. If we can play as ONE  unit on both sides on the ball, keep Murray healthy and have the O-line do the job, which we know they can do. December will be must see TV.

The the fallout boy song goes "I wrote the gospel on giving up". And we can to that it would be real easy but their is NO QUIT in this team. As I often say OUR colors (Blue and Sliver) DON'T fade nor run. "But the real bombshells have already sunk" Eagles (A team which were projected to run away with the division.)

As for Romo, I had an interesting convo with a older dude in Texas and he said "Tony Romo" is more "Danny White" than Roger Staubach. Danny White was a great quarterback but never half the QB Staubach. Staubach won three super bowls, White won one but was a back up to guess who? (Staubach) As for a Romo as you know he's got all the Cowboys stats and records and the ones he doesn't have he will have them by the time his career is over. White and Staubach had one thing Romo never had, and that's media, naysayers and idiotic people criticising him directly on a DAY to DAY basics. Romo has us with the 2nd rank passing offense, Romo is not a question as far as talent but this is his team and he is taking over "HIS" team.

In closing Dez bryant is finally becoming what we all knew he could be "he's a leading man and the plays he makes are oh so intricate oh so intricate yeah" I couldn't help it.

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