Dez Bryant's curfew working out...

Remember at the beginning of the season when all the rage in Valley Ranch was about:

1. Dez Bryant attacking his mom.
2. Dez Bryant’s curfew?

Well if we look back on that now wouldn't you say that has worked out for the best? When this news broke Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett were berated with comments about "why has Dez Bryant been given a curfew" and after  a lot of digging and prodding we found out that this "curfew" was NOT an imposed sanction by Jerry Jones or anyone within Valley Ranch, this "curfew" was actually the end result of Dez asking for help.

How many of us ask for help? It is easy to throw stones at an NFL player, easy for us to turn our nose up and say "he's a millionaire, he should know how to act". If that's that case if money was some magically fix-it to ones problems can't we say the same about Linsay Lohan, Chris Brown, Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen. Shouldn't they know how to act being millionaires as well?

It's easy to attack an individual for his faults but how many of us are smart enough and self-confident enough to ask for help, to own up to our faults? This shows the true development of a man. A real man can look in the mirror and see that he and his actions need to change and only a real man will do something about it.

Dez did an honorable thing by asking the Cowboy organization for help and as we now see it is paying off. Every facet of his game has improved catches, yards and touchdowns all up. Dez is now becoming that player we all knew he could be. Dez is looking like an excellent 1st round pick but he is also looking like the 3rd best wide receiver in the entire NFL. You heard me right the 3rd best receiver in the league.

Bryant is 3rd in touchdowns, 10th in receiving yards and 9th in catches while sharing the ball with Austin, Witten and Olgetree. (We are also about to have 3 receivers with 1000+ yards) If he was on a team where he was the only wide receiver he would easily be top 3 in yards and catches.

Dez Bryant's curfew has been for the best. Isn't his performance what we expected when we drafted him? I say yes, yes it is and to quote Spider-man (@dezbrant) "Either at home or away when you see that X THROW IT UP" #cowboynation.

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