America's Team STILL?

You cant take a moniker away. Is Elvis not still the king even tho he is dead?  Even his last 5 years on earth he was not as great as he once was.

What about Micheal Jordan did you remember him from the Washington Wizards or the Chicago Bulls, either way he still won 6 championships.

People from Mexico, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Ethiopia and basically EVERYWHERE from around the world loves us. This blog is proof of that. I started this blog for Cowboys' fans living in the D.C. area and to my surprise I see people from India, Egypt, Australia and everywhere else you can think of reading this site. To all of the people that are Cowboy's fans wherever you are, we at dcstands4 thank you for your support.

Now yes, it may be true that we haven't won a super bowl since 95' but how many super bowls have we won...

FIVE, count 'em five super bowls until recently we were tied with the most super bowls with San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

Ahhhh yes Pittsburgh  the team we defeated Sunday the team that probably hates us the most outside of the Redskins. The team that was infuriated when we were crowned "America's team" considering we were given that moniker in the 70's and the Steelers won four super bowls within that decade and were crowned team of the 70's rightfully so.

Then there is the New England Patriots, a team that won three super bowls in four years, maybe they should be called America's team...Nope, wait another team won three super bowls in four years First, guess who...

The Dallas Cowboys

The Patriots were a god awful team for their entire history, except for that 85' season where they did go to a super bowl and got ransacked by arguably the best defense of all time.

Now there's the Green Bay Packers. The team that won the first two super bowls. A team so great the trophy for the super bowl has been named after their head coach (Vince Lombardi).  However the Packers got to their 2nd super bowl in one of the most memorable game ever played. The "Ice Bowl" and who did they narrowly beat. You guessed the Dallas Cowboys, also from the late 60's until 1996. The Green Bay Packers weren't heard from.

Can a team be irrelevant for more than twenty five years and be "Americas team", nope not at all. So what makes you "America's team"?

Winning, plain and simple.

The Dallas Cowboys as we know them were established in 1960. Over that span of time no team has won more in the regular season or postseason. Tom Landry had and still has an NFL record 20 wining seasons. (That record will never fall in this gotta win now league). The Cowboys have been to a leagues best eight super bowls and won five. Dallas is the only team to have a player named super bowl MVP in a loss. Do you ever see that happening again? Doubt it.

Now what about the 49ers? The 49ers where established in 1946, and from that time until the 80's no one even knew the team existed.

Maybe you say wining super bowls isn't everything, but tell that to fans of Cleveland or Detroit, two of the NFL oldest franchises and not even a super bowl appearance between the two of them.

So with that said the Dallas Cowboys ARE America's team and will always be Americas team and no one can every take that away from us.

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