10 things to know about Cowboys WR Cole Beasley, from too much sauce to his kid's birth at the perfect time

Here are 10 things you might not know about No. 11 for the Dallas Cowboys … Cole Dickson Beasley.

1) Photo opportunist

Slot receivers can be a sneaky sort … they have to find any way they can to get open. During the Cowboys' trip to London in 2014, Beasley showed he has some ability in the sneaky department. Check out the shot from the Cowboys' Twitter account, in which he photobombs NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and a couple of other guys.

2) Big man at Little Elm

Denton Record-Chronicle/al key/al
 Little Elm QB Cole Beasley follows blockers as he picks up yardage against Lake Dallas.
Beasley has been called a 'quarterback-friendly' receiver for Dallas' Tony Romo. Perhaps it's because Beasley played quarterback himself at nearby Little Elm High School, leading his team to the Class 4A playoffs in consecutive years.

3) Too much sauce

The guy knows how to celebrate a touchdown:

Asked Cole Beasley about his TD celebration: "Poor the sauce on my hand and put it on the shoes. Saucy feet, man."
"It's just the sauce, man," Beasley told The Dallas Morning News' Jon Machota. "Pour the sauce on my hand and put it on the shoes. Saucy feet, man."
Safe to say it has resonated with his fans.
So naturally, we've brought some life to that:

4) Losing weight the hard way

Quarterback Cole Beasley just before practice at the Little Elm High School football stadium. October 8, 2007
Cole Beasley played for his father, head coach Mike Beasley, at Little Elm and did pretty much everything for the team. He played quarterback, punted, returned punts and kicks, and played defense. He also has a game-day ritual of throwing up that goes back to high school.
"I've always been like that, even in high school," he said. "I go into a game, I want to have a great game and I get nervous. I feel like I play better when I'm nervous. If I'm ever laid back and not really nervous, I know something's wrong. I get so nervous, it makes me wanna puke. But I guess it makes me a little lighter for the game and I always do better."

5) His number was retired

Beasley's No. 11 has been retired by Little Elm High School.

6) He almost was, too...

Beasley left Cowboys training camp for a couple of days in 2012 for personal reasons and considered retiring. 
"I'm really glad I didn't stick with that decision because I definitely would have regretted it," he later told 105.3 The Fan. "I was just really overwhelmed. I had never dealt with anything like that. There was stuff coming at me from so many directions at one time, and it was just too much to handle. And if it was stressing me out that much, I didn't feel like that was what I wanted to do with my career. ... That day I went home and talked to my dad, I feel like that was a real defining moment for me, it made me who I am today, and I don't know if my career would be the same without that day ... I was overthinking just everything, and he just simplified everything for me."
He rejoined the team not long after and made the 53-man roster.

7) His kid is a baller

8) And so is he

Beasley's quickness and toughness are evident. But he's quite an athlete. There's are a couple of videos on YouTube that show Beasley throwing down dunks on the basketball court, including one reverse windmill. At SMU's pro day, Beasley, who played point guard at Little Elm, posted a vertical leap of 38 inches.

9) Nothing given

When Cole Beasley started at quarterback at Little Elm as a freshman, he had to beat out two upperclassmen to get them. His dad, coaching the team at the time, insisted it wasn't favoritism.
"I gave them every chance in the world to start, but Cole just proved that he was better," Mike Beasley said in 2006 to the North Texas High School Sports Report.
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett later described Beasley in underdog fashion, too, saying the small receiver "looks like the paperboy."
"He does," Garrett said. "He's like, 'Hey, give me my $3.85 for the last seven days.' He's something else. He just has a knack about him and I think people do underappreciate how physically talented he is."

10) A tough time, a rebound

Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley hugs stadium security officer Sue Raagas as he leaves the locker room after a loss to the Green Bay Packers in an NFC divisional round playoff game at AT&T Stadium on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017, in Arlington. (Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News.
The Cowboys' early playoff exit was rough on the whole team. Beasley was no exception, pictured above hugging stadium security officer Sue Raagas in January after the Packers knocked Dallas out of the NFC title chase.
But the next morning, Beasley had some more positive news: the birth of his second child.
"The only thing that could heal me has arrived," he tweeted that day. "I love my family so much."
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