The Breakdown: Cardinals Vs. Cowboys

After the crushing lost Monday night. This Cowboys team has got to have a short memory and think about Arizona. Jones, Garrett and everyone else at Valley Ranch is perpetuating this "Romo will play scenario". It reminds me of what the Redskins did just last week with Robert Griffin III. Romo is not playing. Even if he was able to. Would we honestly want him to play with the way he played on Monday night? Coming back into the game, he fumbled. In overtime he made bad decisions. Romo is the reason we lost Monday.

On the other hand DeMarco Murray is the reason that the Cowboys had a 6 game winning streak. Not Romo. Murray is the reason that this team were super bowl favorites (NFC) a week ago. Murray is the Cowboys player that was named offensive player of the month. For 2 straight months. Murray is the one who put this team on his back, not Romo. The 2014 Dallas Cowboys will live and die with DeMarco Murray. If Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan think they can outsmart every defense by putting the ball in Romo's hands. We have no hope. Not only for this game but the rest of the season.

Cowboys nation felt like this team finally figured it out. Run the ball. On Monday, during the after game press conference. Romo was asked about certain plays in certain situations. Romo's response for the questions was that they (he and the offensive minds of this team) felt that they would get certain looks. These looks they felt they could take advantage of. They were wrong. As far as Dallas going up against Jim Haslett's Washington defense. They have been wrong for 4 years. Haslet has been blitzing Romo since he came to Washington. After 4 years. Romo still has not figured out how to get the ball out of his hand in less than 3 seconds. When Haslet calls an overload blitz.

It is not a simple formula. Run the ball, run Murray until the wheels fall off. He is in a contract year. We must know what we are getting.

Arizona is going to do the same thing that Washington did. The Cardinals have the 3rd ranked rushing defense. They have allowed an average of 77.9 yards per game. Murray has to keep his streak going. Not because of history but he needs to get back on track with our strength. The Cowboys need to run on short yardage situations. Something they negated to do against Washington.

Brandon Weeden is the best option for the Cowboys. When Weeden played in Romo's absence he went 4/6 with 69 yards and a touchdown. Weeden is a more than capable player in this situation. With the Cowboys offensive line in front of him and Murray behind him. All is not lost in Dallas.

Put an X on em'

Put an X on Brandon Weeden. If Weeden's job is to hand the ball to Murray 30 times a game. It will be a good day at the office. If Weeden has to throw more than 20 times against Arizona. Things could go bad. I believe in Weeden but only in small doses. Weeden needs to be used as a game manager, not a saviour. If Weeden can control the clock with the run, is only forced to throw and convert a handful of first downs. Dallas can win this game.

Keys to the game

1. Control the clock. Time of possession is something this team has done extremely well in their wins. Opposing teams were held to under 28 minutes of offense. Compared to the Cowboys 33 minutes. This all is set up by the rushing attack. Keep the ball, keep the defense fresh.

2. Finding Harris. Remember DeWayne Harris? The Kick/Punt returner that usually set us up with good field position. Haven't heard his name called lately have you? Neither have I. Harris has got to get back to his ways of setting the Cowboys up with good field position. A lot of this is not his fault. Harris barely touches the ball. Most of the kickoffs, primarily at Cowboys Stadium AT&T Stadium, are going over returners heads. Harris has to be smart by not forcing anything. Not taking kicks 10 yards deep and trying to make something happen. But Harris has to make the most out of any returns and punts.

3. Hold on to the ball. The defense has created 13 turnovers, one behind Arizona, which places us 9th in the NFL. However this offense has coughed it up 13 times including 7 fumbles. Fumbles are killing this team. When the year began we figured that the defense would be our downfall. Here we are in November and everything that the defense has created is getting dismissed by DeMarco Murray's 5 fumbles.
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