The Breakdown: Texans vs. Cowboys

When the NFL schedule was announced this was listed as a cakewalk for the Cowboys. One of the only games, outside of Jacksonville, that the Cowboys were expected to win. With both team sporting identical 3-1 records. That walk seems a little less like cake and more like cheese. Cheese placed in a trap.

The thing that the Texans bring to this game is the mystery of if Arian Foster will play. Another mystery could be the status of Andre Johnson but I expect him to play. Even with Foster the Cowboys best side of their defense is against the run.

Put an X on em'

Put an X on Terrance Williams. The Texans DB's are bad. The also like to play man coverage. The DB don't have the talent to contain Dez. In which they will try and overcommit to. Evently having to keep a safety over the top in order to stop Dez. This should leave Terrane Williams with good matchups. Linehan has planned good routes for Terrance. Last season it seems as if Williams could only run a comeback route. This season has him getting better in route running thanks to Linehan's playcalling.

Keys to the game:

Chipping Watt. A great matchup would be Smith versus Watt. However JJ Watt doesn't line up on Smith's side much. Even if he did would would you rather face Tyron Smith or Doug Free? Exactly. Doug Free is going to need to help. Zack Martin and DeMarco Murray are going to have to help out Doug Free in containing Watt.

Stopping Hopkins If I told you that DeAndre Hopkins has as many yards and touchdowns as one Dez Bryant. Would you believe me? Well you should because it's true. The first name in receiving in Houston used to be Andre Johnson. That all seemed to change once Hopkins got to town. DeAndre Hopkins is a dangerous receiver. It will be up to Scandrick to manage him.

Letting the Texan pick their poison. DeMarco Murray is now the most feared back in the NFL. Murray skills along with this offensive line has made teams take notice. The Texans will have to decide if they want to load up and stop Murray. Double Dez or play conservative. This game will be the ultimate "taking what the defense gives you". If Houston wants to load the box, then Jason Witten may have one of those games that we expect him to have. Houston doesn't want to double Dez as they are confident in their one on one man coverages. But doing so is a mistake. The last option of doubling Dez leaves Williams open to have a field day. The last outcome I feel is the most likely to happen.
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