Jerry Jones: Joseph Randle 'probably should' play more

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff considers any concerns about running back DeMarco Murray’s heavy workload to be premature.

“It’s too early to be thinking about pitch counts,” offensive play-caller Scott Linehan said, adding that it’s tough to take the NFL’s leading rusher off the field.

However, owner and general manager Jerry Jones might want to remind Linehan that there are a couple of pretty good relievers in the bullpen, so to speak. Jones would particularly like to see Joseph Randle get more playing time.

“The biggest threat probably to DeMarco’s stats is Joseph Randle,” Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan. “Frankly, I don’t want to leave [Lance] Dunbar out of this equation, either. If we can, it would be good to have Dunbar with a few more touches.

“But make no mistake about it, Joseph Randle can be effective out there, too. Should we? We probably should have at least Randle get a few more snaps.”

Randle, a fifth-round pick last year, has been extremely effective with his limited opportunities this season. He has nine carries for 57 yards, an average of 6.3 per carry. Murray, meanwhile, has 99 carries for 534 yards (5.4 per carry), putting him on pace for 396 carries this season.

Randle has played only 16 offensive snaps this season, including seven in last week’s blowout win over the New Orleans Saints.

“You probably could push that up,” Jones said. “If you have that many run plays, you probably could double that and be pretty smart about how you’re exposing Murray.”

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