Dallas Cowboys Find A Winner With An Underdog

For an athlete whose history in the NFL isn’t the most stable, this one has seemingly found his niche. Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker Rolando McClain is certainly making a name for himself. He has already won over many Cowboys fans as well as personnel despite the obstacles in his way.

Let’s backtrack for a moment here. Is this the same Rolando McClain who retired just last year to focus on personal issues? How in the world could he have made such a statement in this short period of time? He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2012 with the Oakland Raiders.

Well, I’m glad I have your attention, young grasshopper. After running into some trouble off the field, he felt the best thing to do was to retire from the Baltimore Ravens in 2013 in order to restart his life. That’s completely understandable. However, not everyone is as forgiving as others.

This past July, the Cowboys decided to conditionally trade the Ravens a 6th round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft in exchange for McClain and the Raven’s 2015 7th round pick. As a fan, I often scratch my head at the decisions that stem from the front office. This was one time that I felt comfortable with what Dallas’ owner/general manager Jerry Jones was doing.

During the offseason, the Cowboys made some major moves without it being a Ringling Brothers performance. It was a beautiful experience. Signing McClain ranks high on that list. At that point in time, Dallas needed to focus on beefing up its defensive line. McClain played with the Raiders for three seasons (from 2010 to 2012). With 41 games played and 246 combined tackles accrued with Oakland, why not add him to a defense that could use the help?

Now fast forward to September. The Cowboys are playing on the road against the Tennessee Titans. McClain was responsible for a sack on Titans’ quarterback Jake Locker as well as an interception. Two weeks later, the ‘Boys are at home against the New Orleans Saints. McClain forced a fumble against Saints’ tight end Jimmy Graham. Both of those games were wins in our column, by the way. Rolando, can you tell how much we appreciate you?

Unfortunately, McClain missed the St. Louis Rams game due to a groin injury. Sunday against the Texans, he left during the 4th quarter after aggravating that same groin. However, McClain’s trainers have seen improvement in his mobility which means he may be active against quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 6.

Those same fans who weren’t as open to McClain joining the Cowboys’ active roster are singing a new tune. During these five weeks, Rolando has made his presence known with a total of 23 tackles in four games. And his importance to this team was even more evident when he left the Texans game on Sunday, and the Dallas defense had a hard time recovering. Since July, I’ve been supportive of this decision. McClain’s personal history isn’t as important as what he can bring to the team now and in the future. Whatever you do, Rolando, you’ll prosper.

Go Cowboys.
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