The Aftermath: Cowboys vs Titans

3 out of 4 ain't bad. In the Breakdown I told you that DeWayne Harris would come up big on special teams. The Dallas defense would need to capitalize off of Locker's mistakes, Murray needed the ball and Witten would show out. All but the last prediction came true.

The Dallas offenses worst start was from there own 6 yard line. In that punt Harris did not touch the ball. Harris worst return that wasn't a touch-back started on the 31 yard line. Locker made one mistake (I am not counting the McClain interception because that was freakishly crazy) in which Church took advantage of. To even my surprise Garr-a-Han (Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan) kept the ball in Murray's hand even after his 2nd lost fumble within as many games.

As far as this Dallas defense goes they are not terrible, they actually played well on Sunday. They got help from turnovers. The Dallas offense kept this defense off of the field. The Dallas defense was only on the field for a little over 18 minutes and 49 plays. The Cowboys defensive did not allow for over 90 yards rushing. They held the Titans offense to a combined 2-11 on 3th and 4th downs. These numbers place the Dallas defense as 12th, 13th and 14th in the NFL in total defense, Passing defense and Rushing defense.

As far as the offense is concerned DeMarco Murray's big day has the Dallas offense 2nd in the NFL in rushing. 7th in total offense and Murray is the top rusher in the NFL at this point. The question we all want to know is. Will this Dallas offense continue to give Murray the ball? Murray is playing his favorite team the St. Louis Rams sunday. A team which he has gashed for 175 yards last year and a Cowboys high 253 yards in his rookie year. With Murray's track record I believe that we will feed him the ball on Sunday. It's the weeks after I question.
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