Breakdown: 49ers vs. Cowboys

Put an X on Em;

Put an X on Tony Romo, I am normally hesitant to list Romo as the key player but there are so many questions about Romo's back. Limited time in preseason saw Romo looking healthy but he will not be playing only a quarter or two. I expect Romo's back to be fine but it is the players in front of him that will make the difference. Romo was running for his life during the preseason. Even in limited time Romo was sacked 3 times during the Miami game. If this team is in this game today Romo will be the key.

The way I see it: I have posted all week about 49ers vs Cowboys past games and what these teams used to mean to the NFL. Today these teams are wildly different. These teams are not even the same teams that faced each other in their last meeting back in 2011. The 49ers was becoming the NFL powerhouse and Dallas was well...Dallas.

Injuries to NaVorro Bowman, Glenn Dorsey and the suspension of Aldon Smith gives Dallas a chance in this game. The 49ers secondary is depleted which should give Romo plenty of open receivers to throw the ball to. The 49ers had a rough going during preseason which we saw Kaepernick struggle. The Dallas preseason gave Cowboy fans no hope that this defense can stop a nosebleed. Dallas did not muster up a single win during the preseason. As far as the playcalling is concerned for the past 2-3 seasons everyone knows what Dallas needs to do, run the ball, but Garrett and Callahan have been hesitant to do so. Scott Linehan being a throw first play caller gives us no hope that things would change. From the draft Dallas picking guard Zach Martin would lead you to believe that Dallas has learned it's lesson and will have a commitment to the run. Until I see it, I will yet to believe these coaches have seen the error in it's ways.

Back to the defensive side of the ball we know that Lee will be out for the season. Orlando Scandrick will be out for the first 4 games. The rookie DeMarcus Lawrence will miss the first 6 games of the season with a foot injury. Defensively this team is no better than last year. The only hope this team has a winning any games is to outscore their opponent.

Keys to the game:

1. Stopping the run, Rolando McClain has shown flashes of his Alabama days in limited time during preseason. This guy could be one of the best off season acquisition the Cowboys have made in years if he plays like he did in pre-season. If this team is going to stop Frank Gore, McClain will be a factor.

2. Scoring 35 points. Much like me stating 2 turnovers was a key every week last year and most games that we accomplished that goal we did win. Scoring 35 point or more may be that key that I list every game. We have seen what this defense is during preseason. Rod Marinelli is a great coach but there is only so much you can do with these players. There has been no commitment in the off season to make this defense better. Yes, Henry Melton was signed. I was never on the Melton bandwagon as Melton has never had a season where he tallied more than 7 sacks. Even if Melton does match his career high what can we expect from the rest of this defense? We have no idea what Mincey will do, George Selvie has been missing since week 14 of last season. Therefore the Cowboys will need to score early and often in order to have a chance in this game.

3. Containing Anquan Boldin. Kaepernick struggled in his debut game last year against Green Bay, after struggling in that preseason as well. During that Green Bay game Kaepernick completed 27 passes, almost half of those completion went to Anquan Boldin. Stopping Bolden will be key. Crabtree is not 100% and I feel Kaepernick will use Bolden much like he did in last years season opener. Brandon Carr is going to have to start quickly and play the game of his life. After not playing much in the pre-season Carr is going to have to play well. The one thing I am worried about with Brandon Carr not playing in the preseason is the enforcement of the rules. The referees are calling PI and contact penalties a lot closer then they have in past year. I just hope Carr can adjust and not hurt his team.

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