Garrett, teammates would welcome Brent

The question no longer seems to be if Josh Brent will return to the Dallas Cowboys, but when.

Brent will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday as he attempts to seek reinstatement to the league after retiring last year. Brent was sentenced to six months in jail after being convicted of intoxication manslaughter in a car accident that led to the death of friend and teammate Jerry Brown in 2012. Brent spent the final 45 days of his sentence at an alcohol and drug treatment center.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said there would be a roster spot waiting for Brent if he is cleared by Goodell.

The Cowboys have supported Brent since the action and coach Jason Garrett said that would continue.

“Job one for you is simply to get your life back together and get yourself acclimated,” Garrett said. “I know football is a big part of his life, his football family is a big part of his life and we will be there to help him and support him. Just one day at a time, make sure you are doing the right things in your life every day and that you’re doing the right things in your football life every day and know that we are here for you.”

Brent played for the Cowboys from 2010-12 and started five games.

“I’ll welcome him back with open arms,” cornerback Morris Claiborne said. “I feel like everything happens for a reason. You never know what that reason may be. Everybody deserves a second chance. No matter what you’ve been through, you deserve a second chance. When he comes back, we’re going to welcome him back with open arms.”

Jason Witten agreed with Claiborne.

“Obviously that was a tragedy what happened,” Witten said. “I think with anything you’re able to forgive those guys and really support them all you can. Sounds like he’s been through a lot. We’ve seen him here and there the last couple of years and was just somebody we enjoyed playing with and was a great teammate and good player for us.”
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