Cowboys Vs. Chargers: The Scout Report

Finally it's that time again. Time to get over hyped on rookies, new players and the time to look for optimism within our team. That's right it's preseason time. As we do every year, DCstands4 will name three players to watch during the preseason game against the San Diego Chargers

As with preseason games where the team doesn't implement a game plan. We are not seeking stats or individual numbers (except one) but breakout performances and players that make an impact. Here are three players we need to watch when the Cowboys play the Chargers. 

The one thing that we are looking for in the stat column is takeaways. During 2013 preseason and through most of the season the Dallas defense created an average of 2 turnovers a game. Marinelli has taken full charge of this defense and if this defense gets better, which shouldn't be hard, it will be Marinelli's doing. 

Martez Wilson

It's pretty hard to think that a player listed as a 3rd team player as a one to watch. Martez Wilson is the exception. Wilson came on strong in the Blue-White scrimmage on Sunday. I know choosing Wilson is a stretch, but if during the Chargers game you constantly hear the words "Wilson with the tackle". It will not be a surprise to me. Last year in the first preseason game, against Miami, George Selvie was the player Cowboys nation buzzed about the day after. I can see Wilson getting this type of attention from one game as well.

Terrance Mitchell

The corner back position is taking a big hit during training camp. Brandon Carr is out dealing with the loss of his mother. Morris Claiborne has a issue with his knee. Sterling Moore injured his groin. This leaves opportunity for Mitchell to put himself into position for the 4th corner slot and possibly end B.W. Webb's stint with Dallas. 

Devin Street 

There is always one wide receiver that impresses during camp. This year is Street's turn. Street has look good in training camp and even better during the Blue-White scrimmage. Weeden has had a lot of chemistry with Street in training camp. The downside to this is Street may not get to work with Weeden in the San Diego game. It will be up to Caleb Hanie to connect with Street.

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