Broncos Vs. Cowboys: The Scout Report

With the last garbage game just hours away. We give you our three player to watch during the Cowboys Broncos matchup:

Brandon Weeden

With Hanie gone tonight will be the Weeden and Vaughan show. Weeden has made me a believer. Lets be honest if something happened to number 9, who couldn't succeed with Dez and Witten. Tonight we can get a better look at what Weeden can do with Beasley and Williams. Weeden seems to have gotten a certain chemistry with Byrd and Street so we should see a lot of passes their way. Street needs a good game because he has not shown a lot of his skills in the first three games.

Ryan Williams

I heard it all Saturday night from Cowboys faithful that Williams deserves to be on the team. After looking at some numbers and finding out that Williams has a team-high 112 rushing yards on 25 carries with one touchdown. He’s also caught nine passes for 66 yards. Those numbers certainly helps Williams' case. I do not expect Dunbar to play at all tonight, if any maybe a series. So tonight should give Williams all the opportunity he needs. Except for the one thing that has held Williams back his entire career. Health, late during the Dolphins game Williams suffered a groin injury and it is not know how much if at all Williams will play.

Tyler Patmon 

The man who single-handily won the Dolphins game, which subsequently the Cowboys lost has already seemed to lock his spot down on the roster. Patmon is now starting to cut the difference down between him and nickel corner B.W. Webb, it seems like the only competition Patmon has is fellow rookie Terrance Mitchell. If Patmon and Mitchell end up starting this game against Denver's 2nd string team these two could put on a show. I can admit I haven't really liked any rookie in camp but Patmon and Mitchell are growing on me. If these two have a good game it could really shine a little hope on a cornerback unit that seems to be falling fast with Claiborne injuries, Carr not playing due to family issues and Scandrick's suspension. 

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