Dear Jerry Jones;

Dear Mr. Jerry Jones;

Mr. Jones even though every night when you go to bed you see the 3 super bowl rings you and you're Cowboys won. Us fans would like you to step down from running the team. Yes we understand that it is your money and not ours that brought you the team some 25 years ago. We, the level headed and always-right fan base would like you to remove yourself. Even thought most of us have never quit a job before and none of us have EVER quit a job without having another. We feel that it is reasonable for you to quit yours.

Most of us, who are horrible at our own jobs, spend 3 hours of our work day browsing the Internet, sleeping in the bathroom and have contests in order to see "who can bang the new girl first". Feel you should listen to us.

Us whom, many of which are not in the top 80th percentile production wise in our own jobs. Feel you should remove yourself because our beloved team has been only average over the past 20 years. We only know this because ESPN said it.

Other NFL teams fans make fun of us so this has to change. Several of us, most notably,  Tom who won the office fantasy football league. Figure that you should be doing better at your job. I mean Mr. Jones you haven't once made a mid-season trade to a struggling team who isn't going to make the playoffs for their star player in order to help us get better. Case and point Houston and Cleveland were out of the playoff race and you didn't even consider trying to get Andre Johnson or Josh Gordan for DeMarco Murray and Terrance Williams.

In closing we have never had nor seen 140 million dollars and we often act as if we own the store if we spend 140 dollars in any establishment.  But we imagine this transition will be hard. Some say it's unreasonable for us to ask this. Many of us who have never ran a company think that if we did and failed we would just give up. This is our reasoning so we strongly urge you to consider this matter.

Thank You;

A loyal fan base that complains but still will buy the newest hat in September.

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