Could the Cowboys draft recently openly gay Missouri Tigers star Micheal Sam?

Yesterday the news broke that Missouri player Micheal Sam was openly gay. Today we analyze if the Cowboys would draft him.

First who is Michael Sam is a defensive end for the was Co-SEC Defensive Player of year along with Alabama's C.J. Mosley. Sam lead the SEC this season in sacks per game (0.81) and tackles for loss per game (1.38). He has posted 11.5 sacks on the season and has logged 18.0 tackles for loss on the year.

Sam is also touted to be a late 3rd to early 4th round pick. This is all pre-combine and as I have stated many times nothing means anything until after the combine.

Missouri played a 4-3 scheme, it's really a 4-2-5 and Sam still holds the spot down at defensive end. It has been said that Sam can play a 3-4 defensive end as well. This is where a lot of team would like to put him.

The 2013 Dallas Cowboys have been stated to be the "worst defensive in team history". Dallas ranked 27th is rushing yards allowed and 30th in passing yards. So if Dallas wasn't last in the league they are far from being last in team history as this team has sported 1 win season several times, albeit early in franchise history. The bottom line is this team needs help and does so in a big way at the defensive line. This is the team that signed new players every Tuesday. By the end of the season there were names we've never heard of and numbers we swore we had seen on other players Jarius Wynn, Frank Kearse and Corvey Irvin. In so many word we need help.

Sam at the Senior Bowl was a different story. First he had a bad weak of practice and played as a stand up outside linebacker. Not his normal hand in the dirt defensive end. Sam did record a late game sack. The senior bowl is where prospects get pegged up or stay where there are. Sam was forced to play a different position to show his versatility and he didn't do well at it.

There is now the fate of DE DeMarcus Ware. We don't need to go in to who Ware is. We do need to briefly touch on Ware's contract. It is going to make it difficulty for Dallas to keep him at his rate. We have heard that Ware is open to restructuring his contract but not open to taking a pay cut. Dallas will have a difficult decision on how to handle Ware. Will Dallas have to cut Ware to save cap space? A lot of Cowboys fans have gone beyond "what have you done for me lately" and just said cut Ware. As I have said several times Ware has had the quietest 6 sacks in NFL history.

If Ware is let go it's not going to be on the hopes of drafting Micheal Sam. The Cowboys have another Missouri Defensive End on there eyes Sam's team mate. Kony Ealy, Ealy (pictured below with Ware)

is a versatile, athletic player with strong production. He lines up all along the defensive line and will also stand up at times on the outside.

This past season, Ealy had a breakout year with 43 total tackles, 9.5 sacks and 14.5 tackles for loss. When you take into account the fact that Missouri rotates their defensive linemen, those are outstanding stats. When Ealy is in the game, his athleticism and hustle jump out on tape.

Ealy is a very good athlete with speed, body control and change of direction. He plays fast and looks as if he will run in the 4.6 range. He has excellent snap reaction and a very good first step. As a run defender, Ealy is good. He has the strength and power to hold the point and uses his hands to shed blocks. He makes a lot of pursuit plays and does a fairly good job versus the inside run.

Where Ealy excels is as a pass rusher. He is explosive off the ball and has a variety of moves. He can make a quick step outside and then counter and come back across his opponent’s face to get inside pressure. He also has the speed and bend to edge rush, dip his inside shoulder and burst to the quarterback. Ealy’s burst off a block to the quarterback is excellent. While he is not a real big guy, he has explosive power through his hips and can bull rush with effectiveness.

Overall, Ealy possesses the integral trait that NFL teams covet: He can rush the passer. He is best suited to play as a 4-3 defensive end. Ealy is poised to a be a 1st rounder, not a top 10 pick but Ealy will more than likely slide in late teens or early 20's exactly where Dallas is picking.

So where does that lead Micheal Sam? As I said Sam is projected to a be a 3rd rounder. Some have Sam going as bad as a 5th round pick. We also know that the Cowboys need to address multiple picks in the draft to the defensive front. For a team that played 20+ different players at d-line, Jerry Jones can't just pick up one defensive player and wipe his hands clean of the issue.The Cowboys need another piece to the puzzle. 

Enter Micheal Sam, Sam is still small compared to what the NFL likes in a player that plays his position. Sam is only 6'2 and 225 lbs. While 2013 was impressive for Sam and the Tiger's 2012 wasn't. Sam started nine times in 12 appearances and was fourth on the team with 7.0 tackles for loss and 3.5 quarterback sacks, while his four quarterback pressures ranked as third-most on the team.

As a 3rd or even 4th round player Sam will be a bit of a project. Unless the light clicked in 2013 and this is what we have to come in the future for Sam. Another thing that can help Sam is the magic man Rod Marinelli. Dallas' new defensive coordinator and former D line coach, the person that had to put up with these 20+ defensive linemen. Marinelli takes average players and makes them good and takes good players and makes them great. IF Sam has got potential, which he has shown Marinelli can bring the best out of him.

So could Sam be a good fit in Dallas, I think so, could Dallas pick him, Yes. But I do not see Dallas taking him in the 3rd round. However if Dallas makes a trade (like last year) and has two 3rd round picks I think Dallas would take him with the second 3rd rounder. The most likely choice is that if Sam comes off the board and ends up in a Cowboys hat it would be in the 4th round.

Are you ready for the Circus?

Ironically yesterday (before the news broke on Sam) on a message board I frequent. There was a post called "What's Jerry's "Splash" Move for 2014?". In that post I replied "It's not what he'll do is what he'll say. During training camp he will say something prolly about our new rookie. Comparing him to a former Dallas great or hof'er"

This could be the "thing" that Jerry does. Just for the lights, the cameras at Oxnard. It makes perfect sense. It's a classic Jerry move. Let me also play a bit of devil advocate with you. Jerry seems to always take the headline for this team. What greater way to take the pressure seemingly off of this kid and let Jerry do the work. Unless Sam goes to New England. The team he lands on will be turned upside down. At least for OTA's, training camp and pre-season. See the Manti Te'o incident. It will die shortly after that. But who better to take the pressure off of this kid than Jerry. Jerry is a showmen at best and loves to steal the attention. In a way, I think Jerry (at least thinks) is shielding his TEAM from the attention. Picture Jerry after the draft telling Sam privately "don't worry about the press young man, I'll deal with the media and you just worry about playing football." Sure Sam will get his questions but unlike most situations where the media would berate his new teammates. Jerry has his 5-10 minute press conferences, praising and building up Sam. Jones outside of Oxnard comparing Sam to former Cowboys player Dexter Coakley. (another small and undersized linebacker) Pending Sam can take his number 52 away from Justin Durant, If he is still on the team.

It seems like a nice fit. A match made in Cowboy heaven. A match made just for Jerry Jones. The only person who could handle and love the attention that it brings.

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