Dallas coordinators back, but changes likely

On Tuesday afternoon, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the return of offensive coordinator Bill Callahan and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin was good for the continuity of the coaching staff.

There could be some changes forthcoming, however.

Team owner Jerry Jones and Garrett have each said the coordinators are under contract and that a return for 2014 is welcomed.

But could Kiffin move into a different role?

Maybe Kiffin remains on the staff as a consultant and Rod Marinelli takes over the defense?

Will Callahan maintain the offensive coordinator role, but could someone else take over the play-calling duties?

"Those guys are under contract and we’re always trying to figure out ways to do things better, and that starts with us as a coaching staff and we’ll keep looking into what everyone's roles are and how everything settles down," Garrett said from Day 2 of the Senior Bowl practices. "We do have some coaches who are out of contract and we’re trying to get those things settled and were in the process of those conversations right now."

Garrett said he would like to fill the vacant tight ends position and he's looking at Mike Pope, the former tight ends coach for the New York Giants, who was let go last week. Garrett called Pope a friend and hopes to get a hire for that position soon.

Yet, with the coordinators returning, at least right now, roles could change.

Last year, quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson moved from the sidelines to the press box to help Callahan read defenses. There wasn't much change within the defensive staff.

"We feel good about that," Garrett said of Kiffin and Callahan's return. "We're always going to try and do things in the best interest of our football team. We’ll keep looking at how we can be better as a staff and what roles everybody's in and what we’re asking them to do. But those guys are really good football coaches."
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