The Aftermarket: Cowboys vs Redskins

On reviewing the game I actually finally did watch the defense primarily DeVonte Holloman. Holloman started the way you would expect a rookie MLB to sloppy and lazy. The 2nd half he got it together. Carter did a lot of the heavy work getting 7 solo out of 11 total tackles. Another thing that went well for Dallas on defense is the fact that they took Brandon Carr of off Garcon and put Orlando Scandrick on him. I don't know if we can chalk it up to the flu but Carr did not play well Sunday. Either way I'm glad Scandrick is playing well and he stepped up the plate. This not the first time he went to the coaches for him to be moved to the number 1 receiver but it did work.

Miles and Beasley came up clutch I spotlighted Miles in the Breakdown post. Mile only had one catch but it was clutch converting a 3rd down. the Cole Beasley converted a 4th down. Now as I've said Miles will be key in one game, this was the game and don't except any miracles from Austin versus the Eagles.

Jeff Health more than likely had one of the most underrated end of half interceptions this season. Health interception came with the Redskins in Cowboys territory and took at least a guaranteed 3 points from off of the scoreboard.

Harris' return, The word around Valley ranch is that DeWayne Haris will be active Sunday. This doesn't mean that Spurlock will get canned. I feel that him and Harris will spit special teams reps to the tune f Harris on kicks and Spurlock on punts. Something of that nature.

To wrap up the defense may have had their 2nd best performance of the season (behind the 1st Philly game) this defense didn't allow a 100 yard back r a 400+ yard thrown performance with Kirk Cousins. On the note one thing that currently bothers me about this team is the future. Throw out all the fire Garrett cries and fire Monte cries my big worry is what happened to Rod Maranelli. Marinelli is the glue that holds the team together. This team still has a +10 turnover ratio. If you notice on every play this defense is still trying too punch the ball out. I do not want this teamt o lose that way of thinking going forward. Fire whoever you want but don't fire Marinelli.

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