Could Dez Bryant be leaving Cowboys?

Sunday December 15 will forever live in infamy. I'm not talking about those stupid stats that you hear on ESPN and NFLN about how many negative stats were broken. We are talking about a game that changed everything.

This year Dez Bryant is making 1.33 this year. Which puts him at the bottom heap of wide receivers pay grade. Detroit's Calvin Johnson leads NFL receivers with an average salary of $18.8 million followed by Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald at $15.7 million and Mike Wallace of Miami with $12 million. Dez feels that he is in their league. The Cowboys may be strapped for cash (they are 30 million over) but Tony Romo just signed a 108 million dollar deal ($21.7 million this year). Sean Lee just signed a 42 million dollar extension. ($7.5 million this season)

Dez Bryant has been stated as being loyal to the Cowboys, being that this is the team he once cheered for as a kid however this season is becoming unbearable. It all started with the situation in Detroit when the Cowboys loss to a Lion team at the last minute by one point. The Cowboys were leading for a large portion of the game. Things unraveled afterward when the media captured a sideline shot of Dez apparently yelling at Tony Romo. Hours later when the sound was released most had to back track the statements on Dez but the message was clear; Dez Bryant was growing tired of losing games that Dallas were leading. Sunday was the last straw. Dez was seen with a minute and change left on the clock (after a Romo interception) leaving the sideline. Dez left the field Sunday because he didn't want to cry on the sideline.

These incidents could be cured with a coaching change. The other issue is still the situation that Dallas in is financially.  Bryant could hit the open market, there's always the chance he could get franchised as well, the team did it twice with defensive end Anthony Spencer, his salary could hit the $10 million to $15 million average. Even if the Cowboys want to extend Bryant’s deal, it could be difficult if not impossible to do it. And there’s really nothing Bryant can do about it. These problems could couple together and have Bryant playing for another team in 2015.
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