The Aftermarket: Packers vs. Cowboys

3rd down issues. This is not a new problem the Cowboys have had third down issues since facing New York in Giants stadium or the Meadow lands (whatever they call it now) met life I think. 

The one strong suit of this team is the offensive line.  A lot of the sacks are really on Romo holding on to the ball to long. Leary and Free have stepped up. The only weak link is at right guard.

Our safeties should not be tackling. running backs. This is another issue that had been going on for weeks. The lack of linebackers will contribute to this and the situation won't get better.

Murray is running smart. Aside his second run he is doing what he should.  When Murray gets the ball I think of his critics this season saying he runs into darkness. Murray is using the right hole and hitting it fast and hard.  One of his run could have went fire pay dirt IF Dunbar was running the particular play.  This is something Murray has no control over.  

We don't mind "Bad Romo" in the first half of the game. This is the Romo we know and hate it showed up 3 times (1 was over turned) during this game.  The knock on Garrett in my book is that if you know you're quarter back is mistake prone don't put him in the situations.  Garrett can throw Tony under the bus after a press conference but Garrett needs to manage Tony.  If Romo consistently changing Ginger Jays play then sit Tony down.
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