Breakdown: Cowboys vs. Saints

Put an X on em:

Put an X on Cole Beasley. Yup I'm going Beasley again.  He had an off week in Detroit but got going again last week.  The Cowboys need the "Bease" to help sustain drives. Mr. 3rd down has got to do what he does best and that's move the sticks.

The way I see it every body in the sports world outside of Dallas expects us to lose.  This is the same feeling most had before the Denver game. The Cowboys have a weird sense of playing to the level of their competition. Up to Denver, down to Minnesota and in the mud with Kansas City. Of course I would be crazy to ignore the 2010 game in which Demarcus Ware came back of injury to single handedly take out Drew Brees. Sunday we see Ware in that same situation.  Ware is coming back from almost a 4 week absence. However this game Ware will have to prove his worth.  The Saints will not double him and Spencer won't be there to get pressure. If Ware is able to make an impact early hopefully Selvie and Wynn can take advantage being Hatcher is questionable.

Being New Orleans: If we have a chance to beat New Orleans we are going to have to be them.  What I mean by that is just like when we played Denver we almost emulated them. (Scoring quickly and bad defense). Sunday we are going to have to play like New Orleans. Romo has to get rid of the ball quickly and lean on Murray, Beasley and Witten. Just as Brees is going to lean on Graham and Sproles.

I am about to pay Devils advocate here.  Like I've said before Dallas isn't a running team and Ginger Jay doesn't give a damn about balance. But I wouldn't be surprised if we ran the ball a lot more to shut the critics up.

Keys to the game:
1. Getting outside pressure on Brees. The Saints guards and center puts up a wall.  The way to get to Brees is to come off the edge.

2. Dwayne Harris and special teams have to go ballistic. This offense has had a lot of short fields due to the defense and special teams units looking out for them.  This is why our offenses numbers look horrible some games.  Harris has to have a good day to give us great field position.

3. 2 turnovers; if you followed this blog last year I was obsessed with giving Murray 20 touches.  This year it's the 2 turnover stat. This is what this defense is gonna give us. They do give up yards but play well in the red zone but the key to our success is 2 turnovers per game.
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