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I'll start this post off by saying this is not a rah rah super bowl cowboys post. This post is only about my belief and the things that happen every year in "the greatest game ever played"

Now I admit I love baseball, basketball and even hockey but none of them has what football has. In basketball and baseball the same teams make the postseason the same 12 to 14 in basketball, the same teams take divisions in baseball the teams don't change much. You take the postseason contenders from five years ago and match them with today's. Its the same city, same players give or take this city to correspond with the blockbuster trade or free agent.

Not here; not in the NFL. Its doesn't work that way. Too many variables to many situations too many stories. Too many guys that get injured in training camp or preseason. To many guys that don't give a damn. You know that guy that from middle tennessee state that ran the right route and caught too many passes. The dude that says his high school when he got on monday night football because he was undrafted. The kid that had crappy scouting tape from a cell phone but busted that all pros ass and put em on his back during OTAs and did the same thing week 1, 2 and 3 in preseason and the coaches couldn't cut him. Too many what ifs like the linebacker on that always dangerous "contract year " status. You know the players I'm talking about.

Worst comes to worst they screw up your fantasy draft lol.

Just like you can't account for players, as stated above teams come like that too. The 00' Rams the 09' Cardinals basically any Kurt Warner lead team...

Health is one thing you can't account for in the NFL but your need either health or depth. It really does not matter which but when december comes one of those two things better come with it.

There are 5 players or teams that can single handedly change the course of the NFL season.

Tennessee Titans: Where is CJ2K, will he show up this season and will the addition of Chance Warmack and Shonn Greene make Tennesse that dark horse team in the AFC south?

Colin Kaepernick: On the west coast it's pretty much a given that the 49er's will go to the super bowl. People have forgotten one thing. Defensive coordinators have had almost 9 months to figure out a way to stop the read option. Also that the NFC West could possibly have the best defense top to bottom out of any division in football (all teams ranked in the NFL top 15 in total defense). That combined with the fact that we haven't seen a full season out of Kaepernick.

The Miami Dolphins, if anyone can dethrone the patriots (or just make the playoff from the AFC East) it could be the Fins. Miami made big offseason moves by signing Mike Wallace (Steelers) and  Ellerbe (Ravens). Ryan Tanehill is probably the best QB you've never seen play last year.

Who knows what will come out of Philly and Chicago with new coaches. With Baltimore being depleted can the Bengals stand at top the division? As the NFL network says in one of the promos 32 teams going into training camp with one common emotion optimism. No one knows what's going to happen, every fan in America publicly feels "this is our year" and for one city in February will be right. We start the season in less than a month and the same teams that leaves September leading the division will more than likely not be the same team that punches a playoff ticket in December. Starting players will fall, backups will have their chance and the best coaches will adjust. Come January when it counts the game length is the same as it is every week 60 minutes and unlike the other major sports the "best" team may not win. The loaded team doesn't get a best of 7 series to figure it out. In the NFL a season can be wasted or defined in one week, in one game. On any given Sunday. It's that parody, that unknown factor that makes this the greatest game ever played.

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