Day 16 of Dallas Cowboys’ training camp practice: Long form

Here’s what stood out from Day 16 of Dallas Cowboys’ training camp practice Tuesday in Oxnard, Calif.:

•           The Dallas Cowboys had one of their most-spirited practices of training camp Tuesday, with a lot of jawing, pushing and shoving. Everyone was chippy.

•           Former Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houck was at practice Tuesday.

•           Actress Kate Bosworth and actor Chace Crawford attended practice.

•           Former Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen, fresh off his Hall of Fame enshrinement, was also at practice. He overlooked some of the offensive line drills.

•           LB Sean Lee stopped RB DeMarco Murray near the line of scrimmage on a run left in team drills.

•           A few plays later, LB Sean Lee was upset at rookie WR Terrance Williams on a running play by DeMarco Murray to the left side. Lee came charging toward Williams after the play and screamed, “You want to hold me like that [expletive]? That’s a bunch of [expletive].” DT Jason Hatcher came over to break up the confrontation, and Murray playfully flipped the football off Hatcher’s back. Hatcher came charging after Murray, who ran away smiling. Lee wasn’t smiling. He barked at Williams all the way back to the huddle.

•           RB DeMarco Murray came right back with a good run to the left side, getting around the corner for a big gain. Later,Murrayhad one of his best runs of camp when he took a run to the right side but quickly cut back up the middle and raced into the secondary for a big gain.

•           Not long after the Lee-Williams confrontation, DT Nick Hayden and OG Ron Leary started pushing each other after a running play, causing players to jaw at each other.

•           Then rookie CB B.W. Webb delivered a big hit on RB DeMarco Murray on a run to the left side.

•           That was followed by safety Micah Pellerin’s big hit on RB Phillip Tanner on a run to the left side that knocked Tanner to the ground.

•           RT Jermey Parnell had a good first practice. He had a good lead block on a running play to the right side by rookie RB Joseph Randle. Randle showed good vision on the run for several yards.

•           Rookie RB Joseph Randle dropped a punt.

•           DE Kyle Wilber was shaken up during 1-on-1 drills between DL and OL. He appeared to injure his left hip area, but he returned for team drills.

•           Safety Will Allen dropped a sure interception in 7-on-7 drills. However, he came back in team drills and closed quickly on a Tony Romo pass across the middle to TE Jason Witten. Allen delivered a hard hit to Witten as he went up to make the catch, jarring the ball loose. Witten stayed on the ground for a few seconds before getting up and said after practice he was fine.

•           CB Orlando Scandrick continues to practice well, but he dropped a sure interception right in his hands in team drills. Tony Romo was trying to hit TE Jason Witten on the left side when Scandrick knocked the football down.

•           DE Kyle Wilber showed great speed to get right past LT Darrion Weems in team drills to sack QB Kyle Orton.

•           DL Jabari Fletcher was penalized for defensive offsides.

•           Late in team drills, DL Jeris Pendleton was hurt and stayed down for several seconds. He eventually popped up and ran to the sideline.

•           WR Tim Beford fell down trying to make a cut on a route in 7-on-7 drills that almost resulted in an interception.

•           WR Dez Bryant made a one-handed catch in team drills, going from right to left across the field, from Tony Romo in a two-minute situation that set up a Dan Bailey field goal.

•           Rookie LB DeVonte Holloman had another good practice. He had two pass breakups in 1-on-1 drills. To end team drills, Holloman intercepted a Kyle Orton pass to the left flat.

•           WR Anthony Armstrong appeared to dislocate a finger in a receiver drill. He came back later in another drill and immediately dropped a pass, shaking his hand afterward. Cowboys wide receivers coach Derek Dooley told him, “If you can bend it you’re fine.”

•           CB Brandon Underwood ran step-for-step with WR Dez Bryant down the right sideline in 1-on-1 drills. Bryant ended up having to dive for the catch but couldn’t come up with the football.

•           WR Terrance Williams beat CB Xavier Brewer down the right sideline on a go route in 1-on-1 drills that would have gone for a touchdown.

•           WR Anthony Amos beat CB Sterling Moore to make a nice back-shoulder catch down the right seam in 1-on-1 drills.

•           TE Andre Smith dropped a pass in drills working against air.

•           The Cowboys ran the gauntlet drill in which eight receivers split up and faced each other. Receivers took turns running between the other eight receivers, who reached in to try to knock the football out of his hands.
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