DALLAS COWBOYS 2013 ROOKIE CAMP NOTES: Rookies React to First Workout

Rookies React to First Workout
Cowboys coaches got their first live look at their new investments from the NFL draft. Garrett and several of his assistant coaches spoke at length on the importance of getting their rookies into the organization and getting them acclimated.
This wasn’t the first trip to Valley Ranch for any of the Cowboys’ high profile picks –Travis FrederickGavin Escobar or Terrance Williams. But the Cowboys’ top three picks spoke at length about the excitement surrounding their first day in helmets.
“The tempo is really high, and everyone is competing for a job. The competition is high,” Escobar said. “The thing that kind of jumped out at me is all the plays and knowing the playbook, and that’s something that, first and foremost, I need to know and needs to be second nature to me.”
Williams agreed with his pass-catching counterpart about the transition. But the Texas native said some things about the switch are welcome. Coming from Baylor’s up-tempo, high-flying offense in the Big XII, Williams said it was a nice change to have a break between plays.
“The game speed was a whole lot faster than it was in college, but as far as the whole getting plays, I finally get a break,” Williams said. “Instead of running from hash to hash, I can finally get into a huddle now and catch my breath for a little bit.”
Cornerback B.W. Webb is as smooth in person as he is on tape. He is very loose and flexible in the way he covers. He can move sideways and not lose any speed. He is a hard guy to turn and run out of position. His transitions in and out of breaks is very smooth. If he there is one thing that I did notice is that he will need to develop and feel for where the receiver is in the route. He tends to keep his eyes on the quarterback and there was a couple of times where he played like he lost that feel without the ball coming in his direction.
Tight end Gavin Escobar had several snaps where he was on the back side of the play and will able to make a cut off block positioning himself between the defender on the ball. I didn’t observe any work on the front side but what I did see gives me hope that he just isn’t a guy that can catch the ball. Speaking of that, only saw one drop in team where he went to the flat out of the wing and just flat miss played it.

Fifth-round draft pick Joseph Randle is severely limited by a thumb injury at present. But Garrett was happy with what the Oklahoma State running back was able to do in practice. “You want to maximize the opportunity that they have. We can’t throw him the ball or hand him the ball, but we put him through some individual drills, and he was a part of meetings,” Garrett said.

Offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan on first round pick Travis Frederick: 

“Just like we thought coming out of the draft, he’s real smart and intelligent. He can vocalize all the calls and communications and sequences. So that was a real positive note. As I watched him in all the team drills today – how he ID’s the Mike, how he finds the Mike linebacker. He makes the point, he makes all the calls, he puts everybody on the same page. So I’m impressed from that standpoint – day one, just to get out and start talking in front of all these new people and players, with all the coaches and pressure on you. I thought he did pretty good.”

A guy that jumped off the screen at me was offensive tackle Edawn Coughman from Fairmont State who is here as a workout player for the weekend. I was surprised how well he moved both run and pass. He should initial quickness and the ability to handle his man. He had a nice back side cut off and then on the front side showed some pop coming off the ball. I saw a player that had a nice punch and position.

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